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Why Men Commit Suicide | interventionstrategies.com

Why Men Commit Suicide

Male Suicide Statistics


Throughout the past, the very thought of suicide has called into view such emotions as anger, respect, patriotic pride, repulsion, sympathy, nosiness and fear. Most of these responses are identified in norms and social factors operating in the particular culture in which the self murder is done. A community such as 21 century US places high rate on life and wellness and tends to see suicide with shame, horror and antagonism.

Rate of Males

Today, although a higher number of misery and self murder attempts are recorded in female, males are four times more possible to succeed in committing suicide. For each teenage self murder, there are over 100 unsuccessful attempts. Mimic suicides spread the catastrophe even more. The behavioral pattern discovered in the history of the most suicide victims are usual emotions which many teenagers experience, so it is frequently hard to predict or determine who might be at risk. Those who evoke suicide most of the time commit suicide. All discuss that suicide must be taken into consideration.

Every 100 minutes, there is one suicide attempt reported. As a matter of fact, it is considered as one of the leading causes of loss among people aged 14 to 25 years old and 39 percent of these are white Americans, 31% are Native Americans, 16 percent are Hispanic and 14 percent are black.

Why Men Commit Suicide

Men exhibit various signs of antagonism and are more annoyed and frustrated than upset or sad. Suicidal notions as well as follow through are enhanced due to the lower levels of serotonin and the malfunctioning of the pre-frontal cortex that results in impulsive characteristics.

Some of the factors that you must look for include extreme changes in personality, loss of attention in activities which used to be fun and enjoyable, significant gain or loss of appetite, wanting to sleep all day or insomnia, loss of power or fatigue, guilt or feelings of worthlessness, withdrawal from friends and family, indifference, irritability, and sadness, neglect of personal look or hygiene, having concern concentrating, panic or extreme anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, destructive, aggressive or defiant behavior, poor performance in school, unusual beliefs or hallucination, giving away favorite belongings and background of past suicide attempts.

Suicide and substance abuse frequently go hand and hand. Once you or someone you love is fighting with suicidal ideologies or drug abuse, the support from the family may be the ideal step on the way of recovery.

About 58 percent of men suicides occur using a gun compared to women that have only 31 percent. 23 percent of men commit suicide by means of suffocation compared to 20 percent of women. But with regard to drug abuse or overdosing, women have a higher rate of almost 39 percent compared to men that have only 12 percent. Why is this diverse? Males tend to utilize gun. Women most often commit suicide through overdosing with a drug.

To prevent suicidal attempt, you have to work with cognitive behavioral, problem solving elements and psycho dynamic. Private and funding for avoidance and health assistance centers are devoted to learning, training and curing patients with symptoms of suicide.

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