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Which Jobs Lead to Substance Abuse | interventionstrategies.com

Which Jobs Lead to Substance Abuse

Jobs with Greatest Drug Risk

Jobs That Lead to Substance Abuse

Several types of illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and other drugs exist these days and users have been using these for their own distinct purposes. In the United States, about 60% of Americans consumed illegal drugs. In this entire count, 2 million Americans uses Heroin, 6 million use Cocaine, 23 million use illegal marijuana, and 18 million are suffering from alcohol problems. Based on reports, approximately 23 million individuals use marijuana at least four times per week.

About 60% of adults knew someone who is working under the influence of drugs and alcohol while 77% holding either full time or part time jobs are using illegal drugs. Using drug also affect the usual flow of work and about 500 million of work days are affected and lost every year and that is about 4 billion working hours. Substance abuse starts to be alarming, and this is said to be caused by fatigue, high stress, boredom, long hours, remote and irregular supervision and easy and convenient access to substances.

Between 10 to 20% of workers in the U.S. who have died in their workplaces garnered positive results for alcohol and drug testing. There are several industries these days and some of these are being link to substance abuse. The type of industries that are more prone to substance abuse are mining industry, wholesale, construction and manufacturing. Of all the industries mentioned, construction and mining got the highest rate of employees using drugs.

Statistics of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is also highly evident in workplaces. About 7.1% of employed individuals consumed alcohol during working days, 2.9% of adult employees consume illicit drugs before they report to work or during hours of work once. Moreover, 3.1% of adult employees are said to be working under the influence of drug, 9.2% worked with terrible hang over last year, 1.7% adult employees work while under the influence of drug and alcohol and lastly, 1.8% of employees use alcohol before going to work.

Employees suffering from problems on substance abuse are likely to suffer the effects and consequences of this problem. Employees who are trapped within the scenario are said to be three times late as compared to other employees. Substance abuse also results to using sick leave three times more often. It is also four times likely for employees to suffer accidents and untoward incidents at work.

Employers who are suffering from substance abuse are five times more likely to file compensation claims and one in every five workers have to work even harder to cover for damages and injures caused by alcohol drinking. Industry groups and occupations are reported to use alcohol heavily and illicitly. About 16.9% in the arts, recreation and entertainment use alcohol heavily while 4% in educational services also consume alcohol heavily. In food services and accommodation, there has been a 16.9 % illicit use of drug and 3.8% in the utilities industry.

A lot of money is lost in workplaces due to substance abuse and productivity loss has also been cited. Alcohol use is being linked to high employee cost including absenteeism, accidents, turnover, decreased productivity and rise in the cost of health care. According to the Labor Department of the United States, substance abuse must be addressed through prevention and treatment programs.

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