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Warning Signs of Suicidal Behavior

Suicidal Statistics and Trends

One young adult commits suicide every 100 minutes. Suicide is considered as the second leading cause of casualty among people 14 to 25 years old in the US. The following set of information was taken from a current survey of high school and college students concerning this matter.

1. 27 percent of secondary students stated that they had seriously thought about committing suicide during the previous years. 8 percent really attempted to kill themselves.

2. 10 percent of college students in the US admitted serious notion about suicide. 7% of college students planned to commit suicide.

3. Over 30,000 of Americans commit suicide yearly and 15 percent of these are teenagers. Though in communities wherein suicide is taboo or illegal, still they kill themselves.

4. Many suicide instances happen at home during the time of 3 in the afternoon to midnight. And more men commit suicide compared to women, but female teenagers tried to commit suicide twice as often as male teenagers.

5. There’s a suicide hotline number in virtually every phone book and there is also an international hotline number on the internet. For assistance in the US, call 1-800-999-9999. SNH in the United States is 1-800-273-8255.

6. Those who are suicidal are extremely excellent at hiding the pain emotionally and that is the reason why it is fine to simply come out and inquire if you think somebody is hurting inside. Most of the time, those who are cheerful on the outer part cover their pain and suicidal notion on the inside.

7. Some signs of suicide are depression, hopeless, hostility or anger, withdrawal or isolation, loss of appetite, insomnia, preoccupation with loss of the one he or she loved, giving thing away which were once valued, promiscuity, severe outburst of anger, excessive use of substance, absence from work or school and inability to laugh.

8. Some kinds of suicidal behaviors.

9. About sixty percent of teenager suicide deaths happen using a handgun. Teenage girls try suicide far more frequent than guys, but guys are approximately four times more possible to succeed. The difference is that male tends to utilize deadly weapons such as guns or hanging themselves. Girls attempt suicide through overdosing with drugs or by some type of self injury. Suicide can happen from drugs and other dangerous substances particularly when the substances are combined.

Factors for Teenage Suicide

Past Attempts
Teenagers who try suicide stay vulnerable for many years, particularly for the first three months. These individuals may happen to be very clever regarding hiding their real feelings. Keep in touch with them.

Own Disappointment
High standards which are not met might set off a descending spiral resulting in suicide.

Family Guns
Guns in your house might make it simple for a depressed teen to do suicide.

Excessive Substance Use
Most teens abuse medications or liquor to self medicate and overpower depression. A mixture of sadness, substance abuse as well as lowered impulse rule can result in suicide attempts.

Other factors for teenage suicidal include family violence and lack of communication. It is important for the parent to communicate with their children and discuss things that bother them.

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