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The Dangers of Alcoholism | interventionstrategies.com

The Dangers of Alcoholism

Dangers of Alcoholism

Alcohol Abuse and Its Dangers

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are two distinct types of problem drinking. Alcohol abuse is manifested when alcohol drinking results to problems but actually not physical addiction while alcoholism pertains to displaying signs of physical alcohol addiction and continued drinking regardless of problems on mental, physical and social health as well as family and job responsibilities.

Consumption Trends

In the United States, consumers spend about 1% of their income for alcohol buying, 40% on restaurants and bars, and 60% in stores. It was also found out that almost 17 million Americans are having serious alcohol problem, but only 3 million of this entire count seek for help. About 76% of adults in the United States drink alcohol and an average alcoholic are expected to live 10-12 years shorter as compared to those who are drinking moderately.

Both men and women in the country are engaged into alcohol drinking, but women are more prone to suffer the effects and consequences of alcohol as compared to men. This therefore put women at risk of violence, rape, and victimization. You can tell if a person is drunk if he displays the common visual effects and signs of alcoholism. These include slurred speech, loss of control and balance, impaired judgment, violent behavior, vomiting, nausea, lack of spatial awareness, sexual dysfunction, and promiscuity.

Teens are also into alcohol abuse, and as a matter of fact, teens who take alcohol excessively are 7.5 times more likely to engage in illicit drug use. Due to alcohol abuse, many teens in the country have been engaged to alcohol related incidents and crashes. It is known that these are the leading causes of teens’ death in the United States.


There are different types of alcohol drinks purchased by Americans in stores. About 47.7% of alcohol drinkers in the United States purchase beer, 12.6% purchase liquors, and 39.7% purchase wine. Americans have been current, binge and heavy alcohol drinkers, and most of them fall on the age of 12 to 20. Based on a data presented in 2007, the current percentage of men drinking alcohol is 28% and 27% in women. About 21% of male are binge drinkers and 16% in female. The 7% of men are said to be heavy drinkers and 4% of women also drink alcohol heavily.

Increasing numbers of death has also been cited. About 85,000 deaths every year are recorded, and this is due to injuries, psychiatric effects, and other alcohol-related issues. Buying alcohol will just pose an impact to your pocket. According to a study, alcohol is somehow expensive. You will be required to pay approximately $15 per day and to sum it up, it will cost you a total of $5,500 every year.

Global Consumption

It was revealed that United States got the highest rate of alcohol consumption per liter based on per capita consumption. The country consumed 20 liters of alcohol followed by New Zealand that consumes about 19 liters. Greece consumed 18 liters, Finland 17 liters, South Korea 16 liters, Netherlands 15 liters, Australia 14 liters, Germany 13 liters Belgium 12 liters, Switzerland 11 liters, and Austria 10 liters.

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