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Teenage and College Binge Drinking Statistics | interventionstrategies.com

Teenage and College Binge Drinking Statistics

US Binge Drinking Rates

Drinking alcohol has been very common to a lot of people, particularly the ones living within the United States. Alcohol drinking is not that bad if done moderately. However, if a person consumes it excessively, this may lead to several health conditions affecting many of the essential organ systems. Hence, it will be a good idea if you will watch the amount of alcohol you are consuming from time to time.

What the Statistics Say

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are new estimates showing that binge drinking has been a more serious problem as compared to what it though previously. What does binge drinking means? Binge drinking is the term used for the activity of a man that takes in drinking 5 or more alcoholic drinks just within a very short time period or a woman who drinks 4 or more alcoholic beverages within a short time period.

Based on statistics, there are 1 out of 6 adults within the United States who is involved in binge drinking. There is the estimated total of 38 million US adults are involved. There are categories made for these binge drinkers. Most binge drinkers are aging between 18 and 34 years old, while those people who binge drink most often range the age of 69 years old and above. With excessive binge drinking, there are a lot of reported death cases that primarily relate the said activity. In fact, there are more or less 80,000 alcohol related deaths that have been reported within the United States just about every year.

Of course, those people who earn more income are likely to be involved in binge drinking as compared to the ones who earn less. In the created percentage of adults in US who are involved in binge drinking, there is 16.2% of the involved individual who come from the group earning the income less than $25,000 every year. This is lesser as compared to the 20.2% from those people who earn the income more than $75,000 every year. There are also a designed grid for the average number of binges every month, which includes the average of 5.0 from people earning income less than $25,000 every year, while the average of 3.7 from the people earning the income more than $75,000 every year.

There is also the statistics for the average greatest number of drinks consumed for every binge on which 8.5 for the people earning less, while 7.2 for those earning more. With the increasing concerns that involves excessive alcohol drinking, it will certainly be alarming to know that until now even though aware of its possible health effects, more and more people are still being involved in such activity.

In fact, just about every state in the United States has its individual problems that concerns binge drinking. Indeed, binge drinking can draw harm to your health and everybody else’s, so it will be a great idea to watch what and how much you drink. Drinking alcohol is also good to your health once it has been consumed moderately.

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