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Suicide Rates Among College Students | interventionstrategies.com

Suicide Rates Among College Students

Student Suicide Statistics

Suicide in Campus

Suicide is among the main causes of death all over the world regardless of sex, ethnic background and age. It is also the main cause of casualty among the teenagers of today society. Suicide in campus is getting worse daily in different parts of the world. A lot of people ask why teenagers would like to take their life and what are the factors that cause them to attempt suicide. A lot of teenagers particularly students feel the stress to get a higher grade, to be the best in academic and to be common. These ideals could be very devastating and lead to stress and anxiety.

There are students that have been seriously neglected and abuse and now gravely depressed. Teenagers that figure out they are homosexual and need to deal with rejection have the possibility to commit suicide.

Also, there are instances wherein students fail to meet the expectations of their parents and because of this incidence, they are triggered to commit suicide. These are just some of the factors that trigger students and teens to attempt self-murder.

Common Myths and Misconceptions

What are some myths or misconceptions regarding teen suicide or suicide in campus?

• Overlook teen self-murder threats: teens are only trying to get some attention. Once you don’t pay attention, teens will stop making attempts. Besides, any conversation of suicide with them may give them notions.

• Always find time to talk with your kids. Keeping in touch with them is the answer in trying to know what is on their mind. As much as possible, always take self-murder threats seriously.

• Teens are temperamental all the time. Also, depression in teens is seldom.

• It has been assumed that 10 percent of teen students suffer depression. It is incredibly essential that teachers, parents and family members know how to tell apart between clinical depression and teen moodiness. Despair of the student is a frequent factor in student suicide. Male teenagers, once depressed, tend to act out their sadness through defying authority, whereas females tend to withdraw.

• Depressed students want to be alone.

• Suicidal and depression though could affect popular students as well. Despair can happen to any student in spite of the number of associates or friends they have. The solitary commonality is that despaired students feel alone.

• Some self-murder attempts are risk free.

• Any aggression toward oneself is grave and must be give proper attention. Medical treatment and counseling must not be taken for granted. The health provider must be at ease and skilled in working with this matter.

• Students who are in despair must not be given drugs like antidepressants.

• While there are dangers with drugs for a teen, just a small number are negatively affected. Drugs such as antidepressants must not be ruled out and the parents and doctors must closely pay attention to the behavior of their kids.

All in all, self-murder in students is a complicated issue. One must be reminded that the reasons which put a student or teen at risk of self-murder are biochemical imbalances, mental illness, chaotic and troubled structures, addiction and substance abuse, life stressors such as divorce, loss of loved ones, confusion in sexual identity and past suicide attempts.

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