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Substance Abuse in the Military | interventionstrategies.com

Substance Abuse in the Military

Military Drug Abuse Statistics

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Is Common to Soldiers

Stress always being experienced by various individuals including soldiers. Military profession is truly hard because their life is always in a risky situation. There are times that they need to have enough energy in performing their trainings. Trainings are truly significant because they help them in conditioning the alertness of their mind and body. Aside from that, their body needs some foods or drinks that can really awaken their body while having their training. In this case, you will see that in being a soldier, there are things that really needed to take in order to keep their body always strong and alert.

Some soldiers are taking alcohol and drugs to reduce their stress. There are times that their stress can’t easily relieve by alcohol or a drug. That’s why they take it in several times just to have the assurance that they will never feel stress. In this case, they use these drugs in improper way and that’s what people call drug abuse. Drugs are usually made in curing a certain health condition but, when they use it for many times, the right term for it is drug abuse. There are also times that they use it in civilian times just to have a perfect adjustment in their lifestyle and the attitude that they must have.

Percentage of Abuse

Study show that there are main substance that usually abuse by veterans and non-veterans. These substances are listed below along with the percentage of the soldiers who make use it.

• Alcohol – 51 percent
• Heroin – 9 percent
• Meth – 6.2 percent
• Crack or cocaine – 6.3 percent
• Marijuana – 12.2 percent
• Other Substances – 12. 2 percent

It is true that drinking alcohol can relieve the pain and stress that they usually encounter in training and in their actual battles. Statistic shows that out of four soldiers, there is one soldier who has drinking problems. There are also 60 percent of marines who are indulging in drinking alcohol.

In 2012, there are 43 percent of active duty soldiers who always drink alcohol for several months. And there are 50 percent of soldiers who are at the age of 18 to 35 that can’t live without drinking alcohol. Due to this information, most of soldiers today are having the interest in drinking alcohol.

Aside from alcohol, soldiers also use drug prescription like barbiturates, pain reliever, stimulants, muscle relaxants, and tranquilizers. But, there are times that they can’t help in utilizing these drugs even if they don’t have health issues. This situation is needed to avoid be them because when they are overdose from it, they will surely get a lot of health issues that usually needs immediate medication. Their 4.4 percent of civilians and 11.7 military who are under prescription drug addiction.

The other reasons why they soldiers use this drug prescription is for combat, psychological trauma, physical injury, and multiple deployments. Be reminded that using these drug prescriptions in a wrong way can deliver their self in the condition that will give them a lot of problems. That’s why while they are still at the younger age, they should stop drinking alcohol and overuse drugs to avoid health issues.

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