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Substance Abuse and Suicide Risk | interventionstrategies.com

Substance Abuse and Suicide Risk

Suicide Statistics and Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse and Suicide Risk

Suicidal attempts, as shown by the statistics, are drastically increasing. Actually, suicidal attempts that are related to alcohol and drug use usually create dangers to users.

Actually, suicide is considered as the number ten leading cause of the people’s death in America. Sadly, almost thirty-eight thousand three-hundred sixty-four Americas are committing suicide in the year of 2010. However, the actual suicides only constitute a little percentage of the overall attempts.

For almost twenty-five attempts, one suicide is reportedly recorded. Between men and women, men basically represent the seventy-eight point eight percent of the recorded suicides in the United States. It is also reported that men are four times likely to commit suicide than women. This may also be attributed to the reason that women are emotional and outspoken. They can say the things that bother and frustrate them. Afterwards, they are back to being normal again.

As with men, they seldom cry and usually inhibit the attitude of being secretive. This may also be the reason why they commit and die from suicidal attempts.

On the other hand, it is noted that substance abuse is considered as the second risk factor for people to commit suicide. After they are depressed, they tend to abuse substances such as drugs of any kinds.

Ninety percent of the people who really commit suicide also have their mental disorders, drug abuse problems and even both. Alcohol abuse or drug abuse merely increase the chances or risks for suicidal attempts among users.

More so, twenty-two percent of the people who commit suicides are reportedly drunk before they die. Men constitute twenty-four percent of the suicidal deaths. Women also constitute seventeen percent of the suicidal deaths. As you can see, there is a significant difference between the percentages for women and men.

Twenty percent of suicides mainly involve people who suffer or who have alcohol problems. People who also committed suicide are positively tested for using alcohol, with thirty-three percent; positively tested for using anti-depressants, with twenty-three percent; positively tested for using opiates, with twenty point eight percent.

However, what is the connection between the use of alcohol and drugs to suicide? Actually, when a person is intoxicated with alcohol or drugs, he tends to have a decreased inhibition. A feeling of being more aggressive is increasingly felt. There is also an impaired in thinking and judgment. Of course, people are not in their usual state of mind that they tend to behave and act without further inhibitions.

Thus, people must learn to avoid alcohol and drugs. They bring serious effects to people and harm their lives. There are also negative impacts that will be seen to the people who are using them. Apart from it, it takes time and patience for patients to fully recover from being dependent on substances.

As mentioned, suicides are the effects brought by the continued use of drugs. Always remember that you only live once, so there is a need to live life to the fullest without the barriers such as drugs, alcohol and the like!

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