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The Street Name for Oxycodone | interventionstrategies.com

The Street Name for Oxycodone

Guide to Narcotics and Abuse

The number of people today who are using recreational or illegal drugs is getting higher. Teenagers who are at the age of 18 and above are the ones who usually utilize these drugs. That’s why most of them are living in a life full of health problems. Actually, there is much kind of drugs that comes out in this world but, for people in various countries, the Roxy is the best choice for them.

What is Roxy?

What is Roxy? Roxy is a street name of the drug oxycodone. This name comes out in roxicodone which is a medication brand name. This is a pill that offers in 15 and 30 milligram. And it contains powerful narcotic that is usually used in treating severe pain.

But, how individuals abuse this kind of drug? They usually swallowed and crushed it. There are times that they snort it when they crushed this drug. Most people choose to crush roxy because it is easy for them to achieve immediate effect. But, the effects of it usually last for several hours.

Snorting roxy can give serious damage in the nose and lungs. That’s why individuals should avoid utilizing this kind of drug. It is a fact that in long term addiction can trigger disintegration in the septum and may lead some illnesses in their lungs due to the small particles being inhaled by them. And when they use it for several times, it can lead to some health complications or worse “death”.

Side Effects of Roxy Abuse

Aside from that, they might experience the following side effects below.

• Nausea
• Dryness of mouth
• Appetite loss
• Constipation
• Vomiting
• Weakness of the body
• Itching
• Dizziness
• Flushing
• Headache
• Drowsiness
• Mood swings
• Alteration in the size of pupil
• Red eyes

Facts About Abuse

These are the possible side effects that will be experienced by individuals who abuse roxy. There are some famous artists who died due to alcohol and drug abuse including Amy Winehouse (died at the age of 27), Britany Murphy (32), Heath Ledger (28), and Anna Nicole Smith (39). In this case, not only the non popular people are utilizing drugs but, also some celebrities.

People who abuse roxy are having problems in their withdrawal. With the help of knowledgeable doctors, there are several treatments that can really treat their withdrawal issues. These treatments along with its function are listed below.

Suboxone – this is a short term treatment that can be adjusted in the lowest dose that need by addict. It actually holds back the symptoms of withdrawal issues and tapered it down until the body gets comfortable in any categories of opiate.

Methadone – this is just like the suboxone, but this is usually used for long term treatment and maintenance.

Neurotin – this is also called as the Wonder Drug because it really cures the withdrawal symptoms that brought by roxy. It also cures pain in the nerves and this is not included in opiate. Aside from that, it can relieve headache chills, and over fatigue. Even though it gives impressive benefits, this is not the perfect choice for the people who need long term treatment.

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