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Statistics on Current Suicide Rates in the US Military | interventionstrategies.com

Statistics on Current Suicide Rates in the US Military

Military Suicide Rate Statistics

Military Suicide

Suicide is a cry for assistance and a loss of hope. There is a failure to find words to express the hurt victims suffer and absence of concerned listeners who will not be prejudiced and judgmental. Male and female active duty armed forces personnel and veterans are experiencing a different fight on the battleground and a new fight at home.

Collectively, the battleground heroes and veterans look at their personal lives twenty times each day in previous years. That is approximately one death per hour and twelve minutes. Over 45 percent of veterans who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq are identified with mental health problems that are silent unseen wounds and injuries. Mental wellbeing is a growing and serious apprehension in the active obligation and the veteran community. The truth is that veterans and active duty personnel are not getting the assistance and treatment they are worthy of.

Current Diagnosis of Service Members

Some of the factors which are feeding the armed forces or military suicide crisis are:

More than 18 percent of soldiers deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq were identified with TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury and more than 40 percent were identified with PTS or Post Traumatic Stress because of the impact of the Improvised Explosive Devices. They reported complexities with memory, attention, planning and behavior. They also suffered problems with anxiety, anger and depression. They have shown that they believed to be a different individual.

More than 19,000 male and female soldiers who are deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq and on armed forces bases and duty stations in the world were assaulted sexually in 2010. The response of the military was ineffective and inadequate. Victims don’t feel the surrounding was secure to report the beating. The person responsible was not brought to court or pursued in sufficient amount.

The UCJM or Uniform Code of Military Justice and the DOD or Department of Defense was put in place to serve and protect. Now, they are denying the services and protection for sexual physical attack victims.

Do not tell anyone you have TBI, PTS or that you have been assaulted sexually.

Four times as lots of men die through suicide in the United States, even if women make more tries during their lives. Males utilize more lethal ways to commit suicide than the ways used by women. The number of gun ownership all over the world is directly associated with suicide numbers. Suicide is associated with depression and anxiety and men are less possible to look for cure for stress and depression associated issues. 20 percent of 30,000 suicides in the United States per year are committed by expert or veterans.

Communities or societies have a liability to greet home all active service personnel in what capacity such as veteran, prisoners of war, injured and active duty. Military personnel coming home need assistance with battleground closure, healing hearts, mending invisible wounds as well as reconnection. It is clear that during the absence of community involvement, the stress which falls upon the households is great. The effect of growing suicide rates, spousal abuse, drug addiction, violence and child neglect as well as anger associated occurrences have scarred communities and neighborhoods.

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