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Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse

Signs of Drug Abuse

Seeing your loved one or a member of your family using drugs of abuse can be heartbreaking. What more painful is when you do not have any idea that he is already ruining his life because of drug addiction. To make matters worse, some individuals who are using recreational drugs do not inhibit any signs of addiction and do not experience any negative consequences. In this regard, it is crucial that you have a better understanding of the common signs of drug use. This way, you can learn determine the best possible ways to help your loved one.

Common Recreational Drugs Used and Their Exhibiting Symptoms

There are a lot of recreational drugs that are being used by drugs users. Each of them has its own unique effect on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of those who are taking it. Among the most common drugs are opiates, marijuana, methamphetamine, and Benzo’s.


This powerful drug, which is derived from the poppy plant, serves as depressants in the central nervous system. Heroin is regarded as the most abused form of opiates. Individuals who are taking this drug often possess several physical symptoms such as:

1.Pupils that are larger or smaller than usual.
2. Deterioration of personal grooming habits and physical appearance.
3. Slurred speech.
4. Tremors.
5. Bloodshot eyes.
6. Changes in sleep patterns or appetite.
7. Unusual smell on the body, clothing, and breath.
8. Impaired coordination.


Marijuana or cannabis is considered as the most commonly used recreational drugs in the United States. It is being used by around 100 million Americans. Although it is already being used in medicine, long-term use of this drug can lead to addiction. Some of the physical warning signs of using marijuana are:

1. Lack of energy.
2. Inappropriate laughter.
3. Loss of motivation.
4. Possession of drug paraphernalia that is associated with smoking or storing marijuana such as rolling papers, pipes, bongs, and roach clips.


Methamphetamine is a dangerous drug that speeds up the brain and body of those who are using it. Due to the risks associated with using this drug, it is crucial that people know its physical symptoms such as:

1. Nervous physical activity.
2. Aggression.
3. Decreased appetite.
4. Inability to sleep.
5. Nosebleeds.
6. Carelessness about physical appearance.
7. Presence of tools used in injecting and inhaling the drug.


Benzos or benzodiazepine is a type of psychoactive drug that can negatively affect the health of those who are addicted to it. Among its effect include poor coordination, hostility, drowsiness, blurred vision, and disturbing dreams. In some cases, individuals can experience impaired judgment, amnesia, and reduced inhibition.

Using illegal drugs will have a significant effect not just on the lives of those who use it but on their family as well. To help these individuals have a normal life again, New Roads Treatment Centers are offering a full continuum of care to young adults who have been using illegal drugs.

It is committed to helping its clients and their families achieve a contributing, healthy, and accountable life. New Roads Treatment Centers are offering comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab as well as health treatment in a nurturing and safe environment. Aside from this, it is also provides life coaching, outpatient services, and emotional counseling. With the help of the center, individuals with drug or alcohol addiction can create a healthy life with their loved ones.

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