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Signs of Crystal Meth Addiction | interventionstrategies.com

Signs of Crystal Meth Addiction

Signs of Meth Abuse

Because of the popularity of methamphetamine or popularly known as meth, countless of manufacturing companies were established to produce meth and provide the needs of all meth users. Unfortunately, with the increasing news about meth abuse, almost about twelve thousand meth labs were already seized in the United States in the year 2012. And this 2013, thousands more meth labs have been seized to prevent other serious issues that meth users may encounter in the long run.

So, how can you recognize the signs of meth abuse? There are different ways on how you can recognize that one is using or abusing meth. Based from the statistics showed recently, it may take about two years of sobriety before the dopamine transmitters in one’s brain show the signs of long-term recovery from meth abuse. That is the reason why a person may take quite some time to recover from meth abuse.

According to the recent survey, 5.3% of adults who are over twenty six have already tried meth. There are also children who have ages 12-17 who have also tried meth. There are many reasons why they tried and used meth. However, not all get the best the most of it. For that reason, a lot of people who have tried it want to search for ways on how to prevent the harmful side effects of meth.

Early Signs

Meth is known for providing high energy level. But, some of its early signs may include signs or burns of burning on mouth and fingers, scratching at skin until the sores develop, faster breathing, sudden mood swings, violent actions, paranoia, etc.

Long-Term Signs

The long-term signs of meth can be worse as you may experience hallucinations. You will also suffer from general restlessness, premature aging of one’s body and skin, lack of sleep, rotting teeth, fevers, extreme paranoia, damage to internal organs, and severe weight loss.

Addiction on Meth

The signs that you are addicted to meth may include physical cravings, chemical tolerance, bouts of depression, reduced time between your cravings, anxiety, severe or worsening paranoia, withdrawal, fixation, and weeks or days without sleep.


Withdrawal when using meth may include initial insomnia, which can be followed by long period of sleeping. You may also suffer from inability to experience pleasure, depressed mood, forgetfulness or general confusion, and cravings for meth drugs. There are other signs, but this may depend on how you use meth.

Meth may offer tons of benefits to persons who are using it. However, it has many side effects that can cause serious health conditions and may affect every aspect of your life. Therefore, if you don’t want to take risks your life with such drug that is proven to be effective yet provides side effects, then you should learn how to recognize that you are already abusing meth because this can make a difference and can provide you long-term health benefits in the end. So, find out now and experience living a life that is free from any harmful side effects of meth!

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