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Relapse Prevention Warning Signs | interventionstrategies.com

Relapse Prevention Warning Signs

Signs of Relapse

Relapse is the reoccurrence or return of an illness after a certain period of full recovery or improvement. It has eleven different phases and there are several warning signs that will serve as the guides of a person in preventing its worst effects. The first phase of relapse is the so called “internal change”. In this relapse phase, a person feels perfectly nice on the outside. These are the warning signs for this phase, during this relapse phase, a person suffers extreme stress. Aside from that, sudden change in thinking process occurs in this phase. There are times that as person will already ignore the importance of a recovery program in this relapse phase.

Warning Signs of Relapse

Change in feeling is also a warning sign for this first phase of relapse. It is where a person starts to experience unpleasant feelings. The last sign is the sudden changes in the behavior of a person. The second phase of relapse is the “Denial”. In this relapse phase, there are some important warning signs that a person should not forget. These are the act of worrying about the sudden changes in thinking, behavior and feelings. This phase is totally present already when a person starts to deny everything especially the act of worrying.

The third relapse phase that every person should always remember is the “avoidance and defensiveness”. In this phase a person starts to avoid an individual or a thing that forces honesty. Phase four of relapse is the “crisis building”. What is the warning sign for this relapse phase? This phase is already present and destructing a person when the problems related to temperance start to arise in the life of a person. The fifth relapse phase is the so called “Immobilization”. The primary warning sign of this phase is the feeling of being trapped by something. It is where a person starts to become unable to accomplish the things that are meant to be completed.

The sixth relapse phase that every individual should always remember is the “confusion and overreaction”. The warning signs of this phase can be detected in a patient when irritability and overreaction starts to arise in its behavior. In this phase, a person experiences troubles in thinking process. The seventh relapse phase is the “depression”. The warning signs of this phase include the feeling of having troubles in life. Most people who suffer from this kind of relapse phase think that life is useless.

Next to depression is the relapse phase for “behavior loss of control”. This is where a person starts to loss control but still denying it in front of the other people. The ninth relapse phase is the “recognition of loss control”. Warning signs of this phase include self-pity. This is where patients start to realize that their problems have already destroyed their lives and they didn’t try to stop it. The tenth phase refers to “option reduction”. Warning signs of this phase include overwhelming sadness and the tendency to commit suicide due to desperation. The last relapse phase is the “alcohol and drug use”. Warning signs include disappointment in life and problems in health.

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