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Psychology of Addictive Behaviors | interventionstrategies.com

Psychology of Addictive Behaviors

Cycle of Addiction

Cycle of Addiction

A normal brain is significantly different from an addicted brain. Actually, addiction mainly involves obsessive thinking along with the need for food, alcohol, sex, and even drugs. Despite the many negative consequences, they still have their compulsive need, so far.

More so, addiction often includes withdrawal symptoms, development in tolerance, obsessions and physical cravings.

How It Begins

How addiction really starts? Actually, people often start their addictions towards things as they tend to misuse them. After misusing the things that they are addicted to, they are abusing them as well. Afterwards, they soon start to become addicted to them.

In regard with the cycle of addiction, people often experience frustration. When they are frustrated on the things that they do not achieve, they also feel anxious and worried. They are also worried of the next things to do. For example, children from broken families are doing things for the family to be complete again. With unlikeable results, they tend to become sad and frustrated because they dreamt of having a complete and happy family.

As a result, they tend to use alcohol or drugs to cope up with their anxieties, frustrations or problems. Then, they start to become obsessed with alcohol and drugs. Although they believe that it is just a try, they promise to never do it again. At the next course, again, they fantasize themselves about using alcohol and drugs. They also tell themselves that a little will make them feel better.

A Repeated Cycle

Afterwards, they will find themselves doing it again. Shame, remorse and guilt are often felt by these people. These are negative emotions that also lead them to be using alcohol and drugs. Then, the cycle of addiction continues. This is when they are paralyzed by their own thinking and using of drugs and alcohol.

Tips for Stopping

In breaking the cycle of addiction, there are a lot of things to consider such as changing the day-to-day behaviors. It takes time and patience that happen in various stages.

At the first stage, people may experience the pre-contemplation. This is when people are not yet ready to accept change.

Contemplation is the next stage wherein they think of changing themselves. The change often involves their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects. Preparation is another stage wherein people are physically and mentally prepared to stop their habit of using alcohol and drugs. They are completely ready to do the things that will make them good.

As per the action, there is a need for continued treatment to effectively treat the addiction. The treatment may include therapy sessions, rehabilitation, guidance counseling, support from the family members and friends, good amount of rest and sleep, healthy-eating habits and positive thinking. More so, a new lifestyle must also be introduced to people to possibly expect for complete recovery.

Although there is no magic formula in counteracting addiction, it takes time, patience, hard work and support group to help people combat the cycle of addiction! These are important things that must be done to possibly change people who are in the vicious cycle of addiction!

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