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Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics | interventionstrategies.com

Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics

Prescription Abuse Statistics

The Danger in Prescription Drug Abuse and How It Can Be Prevented

One may think that once you leave your kids at the comfort of your home they can already be safe. But, the truth is, that safety and comfort can also lead to danger. It is the danger concerning the abuse of prescription drugs.

Prescription abuse is among the most common cases being encountered with teens. It is an abuse that proves to be as easy as opening one’s cupboard, medicine cabinet or drawer. In fact, there 2,000 of teens who are using prescription drugs every day just to experience the feeling of getting high with drugs. Due to this occurrence, this type of drugs is now considered as the most consumed and abused drugs by teens with ages 12 to 13. According to the study made, in every 6 teens, there is 1 who usually uses prescription medicine that is not prescribed to them.

With that stated, you will surely ask how they are able to get a supply if they are not prescribed by their doctors of the medicine. Aside from getting the supply from their homes, it was stated that these teens either acquire prescription medicines from their friends or family members – with the highest rate – and over the internet or from drug dealers, which took 5% of the pie chart.

There is a rate of 7% who are abusing OTC cough medicines just for them to get high. There is also the fact that teens in the ages 12 to 17 are abusing the use of prescription drugs more compared to other substances like ecstasy, crack and heroin.
However, this occurrence tends to just continue. The reason behind that has to do with the knowledge parents have about prescription drugs. Sometimes, they themselves are taking the drugs without even the doctor’s prescriptions. There are also cases when the parents are either unaware of the risk it is associated with or they fail to communicate that information to their children.

But, that is not just about that. The teens also have some reason why they engage in abuse of prescription drugs. For one, they think that it is safe compared to street drugs. They also think that once a doctor prescribed them with it, there will be no risk of death. However, they do not realize that with that kind of thinking also lays a danger. That is why there are already a lot of cases in United States where teens die due to prescription drug abuse.

Fortunately, there are ways in which parents can still help in preventing the situation from leading to that. This prevention entails monitoring, securing and disposing steps. Every time a prescription bottle is bought, the number of pills it contains must be counted. The refills made must also be tracked. The most important in the monitoring step is being knowledgeable about medicines that are addictive and most abused by the kids.

In the securing step, prescriptions medicines must be kept in safe place and ensure that it is locked. You must also remind and encourage your parents and the parents of your kid’s friends to do the same. In disposing, all prescriptions medicines must be always checked of its expiration and must be disposed of as soon as possible.

By doing this, a step ahead is also made. With the information provided about the dangers of prescription drug abuse, a new knowledge on prevention is also acquired.

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