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Physical Signs of Alcoholism in Women | interventionstrategies.com

Physical Signs of Alcoholism in Women

Female Alcohol Abuse Facts

It is given that opposite sexes have different ways of handling alcohol drinking. People may think that it is different since men have bigger bodies than women and they have the capability of handling the effects of alcohol abuse better than women. But people should know that this is not the sole factor that should be compared since women who tend to abuse alcohol may suffer from worse effects.

It is reported that about 6 million women abuse the use of alcohol and are the ones dependent on drinking it on a daily basis. Out of 10 women, 1 of these would take 1 drink or more daily. These facts just make it clear that women have the tendency of bringing up their abuse with drinking alcohol.

So, why do women end up with alcohol abuse? The following are some of the reasons why women abuse alcohol drinking:

• They have the capability of holding their liquor more than others.
• May have experienced sexual or physical abuse.
• Undergoing depression.
• Have partners who are drinking excessively.
• Sees or lives with siblings or parents who have drinking problems.

Women who are exposed to such reasons are the ones who are most likely to develop abuse with taking too much alcohol.

Experts say that women have higher risk of getting worst results than men due to lower body weight making the exposure of body cells in alcohol higher than men. Women have lesser alcohol metabolizing enzymes in their stomach than men and they lesser water within their body that dilutes alcohol.

Whenever a woman drinks, health problems are more likely to occur than of men. Though women may say that they were just starting to drink alcohol, it does not mean that the risk will decrease. Women who tend to practice alcohol abuse should know that they have greater risk of acquiring health problems such as liver disease, breast cancer and heart and brain diseases.

Aside from the mentioned diseases and health problems, women who drink may also suffer from mental illnesses and other health problems. They may start having eating and personality disorders and their problems may end up with doing personal or sexual problems that may affect other people surrounding them. Women who tend to suffer from abuse of alcohol may also lead to depression and anxiety and worst, may end up abusing the use of other drugs, may it be prescribed or illegal ones.

Though there are reported cases wherein men are abusing the use of alcohol due to depression, there are still more women who tend to end up with alcohol abuse due to depression. Due to various problems that women may experience they have more risks of suffering from depression than men. It is also reported that women who abuse alcohol have higher percentage of having mental illnesses than men. This only proves that women are more fragile in acquiring this problem than men. If you have a friend who is experiencing depression, it is best that you would give her some attention and seek medical help to ensure that it will not lead to any case of alcohol abuse.

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