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Physical Effects of Alcoholism on the Body | interventionstrategies.com

Physical Effects of Alcoholism on the Body

Physical Affects of Alcohol

The Causes and Effects of Alcoholism

Individuals have probably heard about alcoholism, but not all are completely aware of the causes and effects of this. Alcoholism is actually a general term that describes uncontrolled and compulsive alcohol drinking. If drinking has become addictive, it can already be considered as an illness or disorder. In order to determine the best possible treatments for alcoholism, it is necessary that individuals should at least understand the causes and effects posed by this problem.

Physical Impact of Alcohol

Though there are countless factors that may trigger individuals to drink, the top one is mainly attributed to the reward system of the brain. The primary chemical that is involved into this system is the neurotransmitter Dopamine. This chemical is being released when the alcohol drinker got a positive drinking experience.

Through several processes, alcohol increases dopamine’s effect in the human brain. In such case, happy and positive feelings are being chemically amplified. Dopamine is said to have the biggest effect on Mesolimbic System, which is composed of Ventral Tegmental Area, Nucleus Accumbens, Amygdala and Hippocampus.

The dopamine’s wave begins at the Ventral Tegmental, then its signals will go into the Nucleus Accumbens. This is the area where rewarding feelings are usually being generated. Once these feelings are successfully generated, Amygdala takes in charge of analyzing emotions.

After these three main steps have been repeated various times, the Hippocampus will then be storing long-term links between happiness and alcohol. This neurological link when combined with regular chemical changes in the human brain will produce what you call signs of addiction.

Health Effects

If you have been into excessive alcohol drinking, you are likely to experience its long term effects. Alcohol drinking poses neurological, nervous, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal effects. Excessive alcohol drinking also triggers serious effects to the liver. This also causes erectile dysfunction in men. The neurological and nervous effects of alcoholism include impairment of prospective memory, disrupted sleep cycles and patterns, change in the physical size of the brain and brain lesions.

Cardiovascular effects include anemia, heart failure and cardiomyopathy. Drinking alcohol excessively also lead to cirrhosis and alcoholic hepatitis. The gastrointestinal effects of alcoholism are persistent heartburn, stomach inflammation, poor nutrition, stomach bleeding and diarrhea. Alcohol also interferes with the sexual relationships of individuals. If you do not quit drinking, you are likely to suffer erectile dysfunction, nerve damage, impaired orgasm and reduced sexual desire.

In order to save yourself from the harsh effects of alcohol drinking, you are advised not to drink amounts that are beyond your capacity. These effects are said to be alarming and if not given serious attention with, you are the one who will be left with the catastrophe. It is better to drink alcohol only during special occasions or during the time when you wanted to somehow satisfy your cravings.

It is an advantage if you got knowledge about the causes and effects of alcoholism so that you will be guided accordingly on how to deal with this problem. You also tend to realize the reasons why you need to avoid drinking too much alcohol in the first place.

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