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OTC Drug Abuse Facts

Over the Counter Drug Abuse Facts

The Dangers of Over-The Counter Drug Abuse

With the prohibition of addictive drugs, many people are resorting to the availability of over-the-counter drugs, which are widely available these days. In fact, there are a developing number of individuals who are turning these drugs in order to become high. This is now on trend both primarily because of its availability and its cost, highly contributing to its popularity. However, it is quite alarming because young teenagers are the ones leading in the way of these drugs, since they are much easier to get as compared to alcohol and any other substances.

Even though a lot of people believe that these over-the-counter drugs can be harmless, the professional medical science is proving the other way around. According to statistics, there are more or less five billion over the counter products that have been purchased every year. And this is around 60 percent of the overall health related drugs that have been consumed every year. This is even more alarming because the ones highly at risk for the harm brought by OTC products are teenagers. Drug abuse is more common to teenagers aging between 12 and 17 years old.


There are 40 percent of the total teenagers who believed that OTC products are a more secured alternative as compared to illegal drugs. 31 percent of them are teenagers who do not view any hard in the infrequent abuse of over the counter drugs, while there are 38 percent of teenagers are on OTC medicines. Adolescents are reported to be 18 times more likely to die because of over the counter drugs as compared to illicit drugs.

Good thing there are 92 percent who discuss the harms of drug abuse with their kids, yet there is only 33 percent of them who talk about the risks drawn by OTC drug abuse. There are usual OTC suspects noted that are often most abused. These suspects include cough medicine. It is include because of the noted dangers it draws such as insomnia, psychosis, myalgia, and it has been linked to at least 1 murder case.

Most Commonly Abused OTC Drugs

Diet pills are also included in the list. It also has a number of risks, which include development of eating disorders, cardiac arrest, seizures, stroke and even death. Antihistamines are also of suspected for drug abuse. This over the counter drug has a lot of reported dangers. These dangers include the 70 percent reported hallucinations, 40 percent reported confusion. While there are 69 percent presented systolic hypertension and 52 percent developed tachycardia on which all of them went to the hospital.

Aside from these drugs, the ones used for motion sickness are also included in the list. The risks drawn by this type of drug include heart attack, amnesia, coma and even death. Painkillers are also hot on the list of suspects for drug abuse. It has a lot of dangers that will surely alarm parents. Addiction to such drugs may take place only after 3 days of abuse. It can also cause kidney failure, permanent liver damage, stroke, heart attack, miscarriage on which there are a reported 16,500 annual death in America from overdoing of painkiller.

With the alarming harms of OTC drug abuse, parents should be more attentive to their children.

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