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National Drug Abuse Statistics | interventionstrategies.com

National Drug Abuse Statistics

The Economy of Drug Abuse

The worst scenarios of drug abuse have been sighted and recorded, and this major problem continues to throw unwanted effects and consequences. Many countries all over the world have been dealing with issues on drugs, and it cannot be denied that many of these countries are somehow finding it hard to completely eliminate drug abuse and alcoholism. In the United States alone, about 22.5 million Americans aging 12 years old and above are drug users, and this is about 8.7% of the total population.

Current Consumption Rates

It was also found out that 18.1 million Americans use marijuana, 6.1 million use prescription drugs, 1.4 million use cocaine, 1 million use hallucinogens, .6 million use inhalants and .3 million use heroin. Drug users are categorized into two: occasional users and chronic users. In 15,000,000 Americans, 800,000 are chronic users of heroin and 179,000 are occasional users.

About 1.3 million are chronic users of Methamphetamine and 586,000 are occasional users. The 2.8 million Americans are chronic users of cocaine and 4.7 million are occasional users. The highest rate of all is 13 million chronic users of marijuana and 6.3 million are occasional users. Drugs will not just pose effects on health but also creates impact on your pocket. The average price of heroin today is $110 per gram, hallucinogens is sold at $150, cocaine is $45 to$160, and prescription drugs are sold at $5 to $80 per pill and marijuana at $20 per gram.

The Cost of Addiction

In 2006, America has spent almost $11 billion for heroin, $18 billion for meth, $34 billion for marijuana, and $38 billion for cocaine and that is a total of $101 billion spending. The cost of drug use to economy is rapidly increasing. In incarceration, the cost is $48,121,949,000, in criminal justice system, the cost is $56,373,254,000 and the cost in labor participation is $49,237,798,000. The total cost of drug use to economy is $193,096,930,000.

When you try to figure out, the amount is enough to buy every American a brand new iPad per year. It would also take about five years to accumulate $1 trillion dollar spending. The $200 billion dollar cost to economy plus $100 billion expenses on drugs will garner a total of $300 billion total expenses on drugs per year. This same amount is also enough to give Americans $950 or give everyone in this world $40.

The Economics of Drugs Compared

The total of $300 billion expenses on drugs can also be utilized for paying the entire tuition fee of 3 million college students or for buying Google. The amount is also sufficient enough to completely end hunger in this world. As more individuals decide to use drugs, the rates and figures of expense will also increase. The drug use economics are dependent on many factors and these are presented based on statistical record and data.

Individuals might have different viewpoint and opinion about drug abuse economics, but it cannot be denied that being aware of these can help them come into realizations. They might have some share of social obligation in order to resolve the issue.

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