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Most Alcohol Related Deaths Per Year By Country | interventionstrategies.com

Most Alcohol Related Deaths Per Year By Country

Facts About Alcoholism

Alcoholism: Truth Unveiled

Alcohol is the one of the most widely used and oldest drugs in this world, and alcohol consumption has been evident many decades ago. Based on study, millions of individuals all over the world consume alcohol every day. It is just fair to say that some has been addicted to alcohol, but there are manifestations that will help you conclude if a person is addicted or not. Though individuals drink alcohol, this should not be the basis to say that they are alcohol addicts. There have also been arguments and discussions about the impacts and effects of alcoholism to individuals.

When speaking about alcoholism, you will probably come across the terms abuse and dependence. Individuals should not be confused about the two for there are clear distinctions on the meaning of each term. Abuse means alcohol interferes in primary obligations to school, work and family and consuming alcohol in unpleasant situations. Dependence on the other hand pertains to withdrawals and unsuccessful control for alcohol consumption.

United States Consumption Statistics

In the U.S., about 15 million individuals are presently affected by alcohol dependency and abuse. In 15,000,000 dependents, it was found out that an individual drinks about 152 ounces of alcohol every year. Based on study, Luxembourg holds the top slot for an individual drinks about 526 ounces in one year. This is followed by Ireland, whose average person drinks 463 ounces, UK 397 ounces, France 386, Russia 349, USA 291, Canada 263 and Japan 252 ounces.

The consumption of alcohol in the United States varies depending on the state. In Wisconsin, about 7.4% of its population is heavy drinker and 11.32% rate of alcohol abuse. Utah and West Virginia are states with fewest heavy alcohol drinkers wherein both states got 2.8% of its population. North Carolina is the state with the lowest rate of alcohol abuse and that is about 5.97% of the population and 8% as the national average.

Excessive Consumption Effects

Excessive alcohol drinking is really becoming a serious problem these days. As a matter of fact, death incidents have been recorded. The rate of alcohol-related death incidents varies depending on the location. In Russia and Eastern Europe, the rate of death is 10% to 14%, 5 to 10% in Far East, South and Central America, 2 to 5% in Middle East and North America and 0 to 2% in North Africa and Europe. Alcoholism is certainly becoming evident and widespread in different countries all over the world.

High percentage of individuals in their college years is also into alcohol drinking. About 6% of students are said to be alcohol dependents. Of the total number of college students drinking alcohol, about 25 of them can no longer remember the places they have been and the things they have been doing while drinking. The sad truth about alcohol drinking is that, many have suffered injury and worst several lives have been lost.

About 599,000 individuals are injured every year and 1,700 individuals died while under the influence of alcohol. These figures and statistics are really alarming. That is why alcoholism is a social issue that needs to be dealt with properly.

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