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Methamphetamine Addiction Statistics | interventionstrategies.com

Methamphetamine Addiction Statistics

Addiction Trends and Rate

Addiction relatively means making bad habits of something. Any type of addiction is actually bad. Making your body habitual to anything bad or good can definitely take a type of addiction. When someone converts his/her liking to one habit and one habit to necessity, it also takes a sense of addiction. Addictions come with different types such as addiction to food, alcohol, gambling, sex, etc.

What the Facts Say

According to statistic, 14 million people in the US abuse alcohol, 2 million are cocaine addicts, 1.4 million are using meth regularly, and 800 thousand people are heroin addicts. This is an alarming fact, yet they continue to rise as time goes on. Addiction is indeed an extremely powerful disease, which can actually eliminate a person’s free will. An addiction to something can actually be developed over a short or long periods of time, depending on the person involved.

The subconscious mind will attract various situations in order to feed biochemical addiction, and this leads to no good – affecting the entire life, health, and well being of the addict. Because of this, US society recognizes that there is an extreme need for treatments with regards to the different types of addictions.

Common Addiction Facts

There are actually different types of addictions and among the most recognized types are alcohol addiction, drugs addiction, and smoking addiction. These are considered as the most common form of addiction very rampant to a lot of people. However, there are also some less recognized addictions and are sometimes overlooked. These include victimization, sex, distrust, fear, and control. All of them have different effects and impacts on the life of a person thus; they need to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Food addiction is one of the most common types of addiction; in fact more and more people are now suffering from overweight and obesity. According to statistic, an estimated eight million American people are suffering from various eating disorders, and 90% of them are women. Anorexia is present in one out of 200 women, bulemia are common to two or three women out of 100.

It is also estimated that more than 4 million adults in US are food addicts. Sadly, compulsive, untreated overeating may lead to some serious health conditions such as high cholesterol level, heart disease, diabetes, clinical depression, hypertension, and arthritis. But treatments are always available – group therapy, psychotherapy, and 12 step programs.

Nowadays, sex addictions are also rampant and the numbers are rising constantly. 40 million adults in the US visit pornography websites regularly and 10 percent of them really admit that they have sexual addiction. 18 to 24 million adults are believed to suffer from sex addiction. They usually suffer from an uncontrollable sexual impulse. This addiction is often seen with varieties of disorders including bipolar disorder, dependent personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, substance abusers, sexual identity confusion, and intellectually delayed young adults. However, those with a sexual disorder and victimize other people need more than just addiction treatment. In addition to that, work addictions and shopping addictions are also common in the US. But the society is striving hard to battle these forms of addiction.

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