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Long Term Harmful Side Effects of Crystal Meth | interventionstrategies.com

Long Term Harmful Side Effects of Crystal Meth

Effects of Addiction to Meth

What is Methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine or meth, as many people would call it, is starting to be manufactured from laboratories, spread through the streets and other places, as well. The drug is now considered to be in its peak since there are many people are now aware of how to use it in different ways. People are swallowing, injecting, snorting and smoking it whenever and wherever they want.

For those who are not aware of the drug, it is another form of stimulant affecting the central nervous system. The drug, when taken in any way, is increasing the amount of dopamine released by the body and blocking its re-uptake. Though it is used legally as a treatment for people suffering from ADHD and narcolepsy, there are still people who tend to misuse it and manufacture it in large amounts in illegal laboratories.

The Trends and Effects of Meth Abuse

By 2011, around 439,000 people are using meth for treatments and other misuse and out of that number, 133,000 became new users. Most of the new users of the drug are as young as 17 years old and has the tendency to suffer from any of its effects.

Talking about side effects, methamphetamine has both short-term and long-term effects. When taken in excess dosage, some of the short-term effects are experiencing euphoria, irritability or aggression, convulsions, anxiety, insomnia, arrhythmia, decreased appetite and worst heart attack. Long term effects would include extreme paranoia, hallucinations and severe conditions of anxiety and insomnia.

Women and men alike are using meth, and what most women do not know is that they are risking not only their lives with using it but also unborn babies that they carry. Whenever a woman uses methamphetamine while conceiving the risk that they may experience is placental abruption, premature delivery, retardation of fetal growth and abnormalities in the brain and heart.

Influence with Lawmakers

There were many changes in the legislation done to control the production and release of meth for public use. Since it is an ingredient for other medicines, laws in regards to controlling has been changing since the 80’s. There were many laws stating the limitation in importing pseudoephedrine and ephedrine after finding out that drug traffickers have discovered that these can be used for making meth. Now, to control its release and prevent any misuse, some states are letting people use it only if, it is prescribed by their doctor.

Aside from affecting the creation of laws about methamphetamine, media has also been using meth on their concepts. There are various award winning shows wherein characters and real people would get distracted with their own lives and careers due to misuse of the drug. Aside from shows, there were also movies made encircling the concept of using meth and things that is related to it.

Though there are many people who are now addicted to the use of methamphetamine, there are treatments available for them to recover from such addictions. There are various therapies that a patient may undergo and one of which is Cognitive behavioral therapy. It is a combination of behavioral therapy, individual counseling, drug testing, family education and the 12-step group that can help in gaining complete recovery from meth addiction.

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