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Is Your Loved One An Alcoholic

Signs of Alcoholism

How Can You Tell if Your Loved One Is Alcoholic

Living with someone who is alcoholic is really challenging, and it is something that you have to deal with carefully. It is a given reality that in real life situations, someone needs to cope up with a loved one’s alcohol drinking habit. It might appear to be simple pinpointing a loved one’s alcoholism, but spotting the signs that can help you determine if that person is alcoholic or not is the daunting part here.

Knowing the signs that will determine if someone you really care about is into excessive alcohol drinking is not that easy. There are lots of factors and aspects that need to be considered before you can make final conclusions. There are also many overwhelming questions that you need to raise in order to figure out things. But if you are smart enough, you can trust your instincts and you can easily gather answers that will give you clarifications.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Here are some questions to ask to help you determine a loved one’s behavior:

• Does alcohol drinking interfere with your loved one’s activities?
• Do they find a hard time to quit after they have started the habit?
• Does your loved one over react even to simple favors that tend to change their daily routines.
• Does it take longer for them to feel the effects of alcohol drinking as they drink same amount as other individuals do?
• Does your loved one get mad or upset when alcoholic drinks are not available?
• Do they hide their habit as well as the amount they consume?
• Do your loved ones feel guilty or ashamed about drinking alcohol?
• Does drinking alcohol stop them from doing things activities that they love most?
• Is their drinking associated with any legal problem?
• Is your loved one‘s relationship affected and suffering because of excessive alcohol drinking?
• Does your loved one insist on doing things just to escape or get away?
• Are there incidents of missing money or missing time?
• Does your loved one walk away after drinking or they decide to leave half finished?
• Does your loved one forget what they are drinking?

These questions can help you a lot in determining if your loved one is alcoholic or not. Answering these questions will really make you feel interested and engaged. If most of these questions are answerable by YES, your loved one probably needs a rehabilitation treatment. If they refuse to seek help you can find ways on how to help them deal with their situations. Help them face their problems until the time that they are ready.

It might be challenging at first to help someone struggling from alcoholism to find recovery and relief but eventually, you can handle the situations pretty well. With the right approaches and techniques, you will be able to help your loved one deal with alcoholism positively. You can slowly persuade them to seek for the needed treatments. You loved one can now be back on track and enjoy a better life.

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