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How We Get Addicted | interventionstrategies.com

How We Get Addicted

Facts About Getting Addicted to Substances

The Addiction Process: How We Get Addicted

Addictions are mainly a problem to a lot of people. They often involve the intake of illegal drugs, alcohol and the use of cigarettes.

Seventy-five percent of the people become addicted as they have their unhappy childhood, extreme job pressure and unpeaceful family lives. These are mainly the reasons why they are often misbehaving and resorting to certain kinds of addiction.

Twenty-five percent of the addicted people reasoned out that they face the problems related to social anxiety, bad marriages and peer pressure. These are contributing factors for their being addicted.

The Impact of Addiction

Oftentimes, people are addicted on things for their circumstantial and experimental use. Others are using drugs and the like for they are forced by the people around them. Others also tend to use them for experiments. Others are also using it intensively, casually and compulsively.

Out of ten deaths, four deaths are mainly related to the abuse and misuse of drugs. This only means that this must be seriously given with attention. Apart from it, addictions merely cause or result to several neurotransmitter deficiencies. These deficiencies also compel the brain to work without proper nutrients.

Actually, forty million people even suffer from many injuries or illnesses that are a consequence of abusive use of drugs. This is such a huge number of populations that are mainly affected by the use of drugs.

Twenty-two point five million of the American people aging twelve and above are simply categorized as abuse dependents. Being a twelve-year old abuser, this is often a serious case because one is still not on his legal age. He or she is also under the supervision or guidance of his or her parents.

Symptoms of Addiction

As per the symptoms of addiction, users are psychologically and physically dependent on drugs. Oftentimes, both their mental-state and physical-state of being are deteriorated. They cannot perform at their best, physically. They cannot perform well on their responsibilities at home or even at work.

Apart from it, they also tend to lose control on even certain things and even themselves. They cannot control even their emotions. They also continue to use drugs inappropriately and excessively. They cannot really control their addictions on drugs and alcohol.

More so, they often inflict harm to themselves and even to other people around. They are not good to deal with because they react aggressively and inappropriately. They are also in a state of denial. They also deny their feelings and emotions.

Furthermore, they tend to be more pre-occupied with using and getting to the things around them. They cannot cope up easily with the surroundings. They also feel a sense of difficulty of even handling themselves.

Oftentimes, certain behaviors are seen with drug abusers. They often have their disturbed mindset. In effect, the family, friends and the people around them are also affected. So far, the social relationship is greatly affected.

Now, you have learned more about the addiction process and how people become addicted. Share it with others, especially to those who are abusive drug users, themselves.

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