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Famous Celebrity Addictions and Recoveries | interventionstrategies.com

Famous Celebrity Addictions and Recoveries

Famous Celebrities with Drug Addiction

Facts About Celebrity Addictions

Over the past years, the media has popularized the real life drama of celebrities who have been engaged to prohibited drugs addiction. This article will give you a deep insight on the life celebrities who have been addicted to drugs including their expenses to maintain their bad habit, the forms of vices they have, and the regions where many people are affected with alcohol and drug abuse.

The lists of names of Hollywood celebrities who get addicted are too long to mention. But, the most common forms of addiction that they take on include prohibited drug abuse, prescription drug abuse, and alcohol addiction. Some of the celebrities who successfully overcome their addiction include Britney Spears, but most of them faced tragedy in life.

Most Popular Regions Affected

The regions in the United States that have been affected by celebrity drug abuse include the East Coast (8.4% – 10.01%), West Coast (9.09% – 10.59%), and Midwest (6.68%-8.43%). The most popular regions where there are celebrities who are addicted to prohibited and prescribed drugs include Coastal California, Southern California, Utah, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Average Cost for Celebrity Rehab

The average costs of celebrities in their respective regions for maintaining their bad habits are listed below.

Coastal California – Average cost of maintaining drug abuse amount to $40,500 per month.
Utah – Average cost of drug abuse of celebrities is $49,000 a month.
Southern California – Celebrities in this region spend $30,000 per month for their vices.
Florida – Celebrities in this region spend $27,600 a month for their addiction.
Pennsylvania – Celebrities in this region spend $26,000 per month to maintaining their vices and bad habits.

Most of these celebrities addicted to drugs are musicians, comedians, actors, and athletes. Most popular addictions of celebrities include sex, gambling, food addiction, and substance abuse. These substances that are commonly abused by celebrities include marijuana, prescription drugs, hallucinogens, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

How Celebrities Overcome their Addiction?

According to the research and study conducted by the Substance Abuses and Mental Services Administration, almost 23.5 million of people suffer from illicit alcohol problem or drug abuse in 2009 only, and only 21 million of them have obtained help. That’s only 11.2% of all addicted individuals in the United States. According to statistics, 775 of addicts who entered rehabilitation centers have successful recovery, 33% of addicts who undergo detoxification are at recovery rate, and less than 10% of addicts who attempt to recover without enrolling at a rehab center are successful.

Most Popular Methods to Overcoming Addiction

Bio-physical method is probably the most common addition treatment method. This treatment method has 80% success rate. The next is the 12-step method. This method is known for its effectiveness in terms of addictive behavior recovery. This method has 5-10% success rate.

Lastly, most of the celebrities who have overcome their addiction have undergone long-term religious method. This addiction treatment method has 40% success rate and has long term effects because of the addict’s isolation from addictive environments. Few have abandoned these programs before completion, but many have overcome their addiction through these addiction treatment methods.

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