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Effects of Alcohol on Unborn Babies | interventionstrategies.com

Effects of Alcohol on Unborn Babies

The Effects of Long Term Drinking

People are aware of the negative effects alcohol can bring to a person’s body, yet some people think that they can’t live without them. When someone is suffering from alcohol addiction and drink over a long term, results are fairly predictable, although since each drinker is different, the results may vary according to the severity.

The long term negative effects of alcohol abuse can definitely cause some serious damages to the brain –effects that are detrimental to the brain and its functions.

1. Increased brain shrinkage.
2. Muscle coordination and movement issues.
3. Memory loss, emotional outbursts, and blackouts.
4. Slowed growth of brain cells.
5. Learning disabilities are developed.

But the most crucial factor to consider is that changes in heart rate, breathing, and temperature can result to unconsciousness or worst, death. There are also other factors that you should take into account such as:

• Potential deficiency in Thiamine, which can affect your nervous and cardiovascular systems.
• Suppressed ability of performing sexual acts and becoming sexually aroused.
• Improper sleeping habits or patterns.
• Numbness of your body resulting from peripheral neuropathy.

Factors To Consider About Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or FAS

According to the Center For Disease Control, an estimated number of .5 – 1.5 babies out of 1000 live births are born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. If the mother consumes alcohol during pregnancy, it can possibly lead to inhibited growth of nerve cell, defects on axon formation – which is the carriers of the brain signals, instead of having proper growth of nerve cell the body will produce only alternative cells, and lastly there will be interferences with the genes.

As the mother consume alcohol, possible brain damage can occur at some stage in the child development. During the first trimester, detrimental damages might occur to the brain development and can cause facial deformities. On the second trimester, the amount of the brain cells will be reduced. And during the third trimester, brain cells will be killed outright – not to mention that pre birth brain developments are nonexistent.

Alcohol abuse is also related with a lot of alcohol impaired driving fatalities. In fact, 85 percent of all the drunk drivers are considered overindulged drinkers. This is indeed an alarming fact.

What Are The Short Term Effects Of Alcohol In The Body?

Light drinking can lead to relaxation, sluggish brain activities, short span of attention, and slow motor skills. While moderate drinking can cause drinkers slurred speech, be emotionally unpredictable, low body temperature, and sleepiness. But the most important factors to consider may result from heavy drinking and these may include blackouts, alcohol poisoning, impaired breathing, and death.

What Are The Long Term Effects Of Alcohol In The Body?

There are actually lots of negative long term effects from alcohol and these can be detrimental to your heart, circulatory system, your bones, liver, digestive system, your pancreas and lungs, kidneys and even to your skin. Alcohol indeed has numerous dangerous effects on your body, but you can avoid most of them by just avoiding drinking. So, next time you drink alcohol, think of what will happen inside your body.

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