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Drug Abuse Statistics by State | interventionstrategies.com

Drug Abuse Statistics by State

State by State Statistics of Drug Abuse

Addiction and The Rate It has Affected United States

With the endless list of illegal drugs that people gained access over the years, it no surprise why the rate of individuals how became addicted with it also grew over the past years. Due to the growing rate of drug addiction present in each of the regions of US, a study has been conducted to see the length of spread of the disease.

Most Consumed Drugs By Region

Drug addiction has already reached even individuals who are only starting their adolescent years. At present, drug addiction is already present to individuals in the age of 12. Based on the conducted study, in the Midwest, the most used substance was marijuana with 10%, followed by pain killers and cocaine. In the Northeast, the same sequence was reported with the percentage of 12, 4 and 2. The same sequence records were obtained in the west and south. This record just shows that marijuana is the most consumed substance on all regions, with cocaine getting the lowest rate.

Most Consumed Drugs by State

United States is comprised with several states. All of these states have been reported to have its own part in drug addiction pie. In the same case as with the regions, the record obtained started with drug abuse and consumption from people aging 12 and above. The most consumed drugs among these states are marijuana, cocaine and pain killers. Each of the states has its most consumed drugs.

States including Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Iowa Utah have Marijuana as the most consumed drugs. As for Cocaine, the states consuming most this substance are Rhode Island, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, South and North Dakota and Mississippi. While Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Hawaii, New Jersey and South Dakota have a high rate consumption of painkillers.

The Drugs Most Used by Teens

The rate of drug addiction has now even affected the youth and teen population. As such, there were some reports based on the studies conducted that the availability of these drugs can now easily accessed by the teens. The good news is even through access to these substances have become as easy, its availability throughout the years has been decreased. Thus, drug usage among teens also decreased. As an example, the availability of marijuana started from the rate of 89% which decreased to 82% came 2010.For cocaine’s availability, there was a high decreasing rate of 38% with crack getting down to 30%.

There is also the ecstasy that started with am availability of up to 50.5 in 2000, but ended up with a high decreasing usage rate of 38% came 2010. The substance with the highest decreasing usage rate however, was meth, which totaled to up to 60%.

For organizations trying to accomplish the prevention of the substance usage spread among the teens, the decreasing rate can already be considered as one they can be proud of. No parents would want to discover their teen children using any of those addicting substances due to the lose availability. That is why, with the decreasing usage rate shown on those reports, it already mean a good change concerning the future the teens will have.

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