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Detoxing From Alcohol Abuse | interventionstrategies.com

Detoxing From Alcohol Abuse

5 Steps to Detox Your Body from Alcohol Abuse

The original source of this infographic is RehabCenter.net.

5 Easy Steps on How to Detox Your Body

Drug and alcohol addiction is known to be life threatening and being able to remove all of the toxins brought by these substances in your body is sure to be the best option you can ever get. The ultimate solution for you is detoxification. It is the process wherein all toxins absorbed by your body from drugs and alcohol will be flushed out. The process is just like doing a makeover in your body. There is just a single difference, which is the part where the makeover is done is with your inner body.

You can start detoxification by turning to a proper diet, participating in exercise routines, changing your lifestyle and halting the use of drugs and alcohol. Though the process will let you experience certain side effects like nausea, vomiting, sweating and headache, you are assured that the process is really working on your body.

Detoxification Steps you Should Do

Before starting any detoxification process, it is best that you will consult the advice of your doctor about the process to make sure that it is safe for you. If you are already sure of taking the process, then the following are some steps you can do to detoxify on your own:

1. Cut the Source
The ultimate solution to start the cleansing process and to end your habit is cutting your use of drugs or alcohol.

2. Rehydration
Alcohol may be in liquid form but it does not mean it is a good source of rehydration. You should know that alcohol is a substance that dehydrates your body. The best rehydrating substance that you should take is only water. It is recommended that you drink at least 100oz of water daily to flush toxins out.

3. Eat Nutritious Food
Avoid foods with saturated and Trans fat and stop adding refined and processed foods in your diet. If you cannot eat it, then drink it. Juicing is now the popular way of nourishing your body with all of the necessary fruits and vegetables that is sure to jump-start your entire body to a new level.

4. Do Things That Will Hasten The Detoxification Process
Exercise and other activities where you will sweat a lot are sure to be good options on releasing all toxins from your body through your pores. As you sweat, all toxins will go out from your body and will release chemicals absorbed by your body. Aside from that, you are also increasing the production of endorphins that will keep your mind and body in good spirit.

5. Inclusion of Other Habits
Other habits that you can include in the detoxification process is getting a massage, unwind on relaxing places, sleep more and have fun with doing the process with your friends and family.

As you start the detoxification process, you are assured that you are taking a big step on living a healthy life and making your body revived from its toxicity level. By doing the recommended steps, you are assured that you can enjoy the new body you have after the process.

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