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Crystal Meth Addicts Before and After Pics with Mugshots | interventionstrategies.com

Crystal Meth Addicts Before and After Pics with Mugshots

Images Before and After Drugs

With today’s degree of learning on the issue regarding drug abuse, it is safe to say that everyone in the Western region knows that drugs are bad and can cause medical complexities and worse death. On the other hand, prescription abuse effects range from physical to mental and social.

Risk of Using Marijuana

A lot of people see marijuana as a risk free drug, largely due of its medical factors and is a logically occurring substance. Unluckily, this does not signify that marijuana doesn’t have side effects once used in a wrong way or used constantly. While this might not be the type of drug that can kill you with a single dose, still it can have devastating effects on your life in due course.

This drug can cause people to develop mental issues in short term and long term use. Excessive use of this drug results in paranoia, either short term or long term use. Research shows that constant use of this substance has a worse impact on mental capabilities and IQ. Marijuana can also result in stereotypical stoner behavior and apathy, where the abuser is fascinated with nothing, but following joint.

Marijuana could also affect the fetus during pregnancy and cause psychosis as well as mental reliance on the substance.

Risk of Using Heroin

Heroin is usually seen as the most unpleasant substance accessible to purchase. This invokes mental dependency and strong chemical. The issues resulted by this drug are threefold: the real substance itself that is very dangerous to the system; the culture of crime and violence surrounding its production and sale; and related illness like AIDS linked to sharing needles.

The effects of this substance to the body are tremendous as the substance depresses the function of respiratory system and constant use of heroine can result to heart and lung failure. This also has associations with pneumonia and liver illness because of immune system suppression.

Secondary diseases that are related to this substance abuse include hepatitis, AIDS epidemic. This is commonly because of sharing of needles that results in cross contamination. These illnesses can be controlled, but not treated and largely effect the lives of people who contact them.

The social factor, which includes the addiction upon the substance, makes the abuser very vulnerable to dealers. Lots of people are forced into selling like prostitution so as to fund their drug addiction.

Risks of Crack and Cocaine

Crack cocaine and cocaine are the same drugs. It is a processed type of cocaine that is combined with ammonia and baking soda. Drug addiction effects resulted by cocaine are serious. Most often, users will go on to take the substance just to keep away from the savage withdrawal that the substance causes.

Because of the rise in blood pressure and follow on rush, there’s a high occurrence of stroke amongst cocaine users and a sort of cardiac issues. Cocaine is also related to acts of aggression because of the savage rush involves.

These are only some of the effects of drugs that are affecting society at this point in time. With anticipation, this will give information of what will happen once you use drugs in the wrong way.

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