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Crystal Meth Addiction Statistics | interventionstrategies.com

Crystal Meth Addiction Statistics

Crystal Meth Consumption Rate

Recognized as the most abused synthetic drug in America, Crystal Meth has been known to destroy lives of people and one of the reasons to why community becomes chaotic. Crystal Meth or Crystal Methamphetamine is one form of crystalline drug that can be snorted, smoked or injected through needle by users. This form of drug can also be taken orally.

The Effects of Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is known to create false sense of happiness as well as well being on people who use it. According to reports, there are millions of Americans who abuse the use of this drugs which in turn, cost their lives as well as affect the community as a whole. In fact, almost 70% of inmates in America are addicted to this form of drug. Over the decade, the meth arrests have also increased dramatically for almost 300%. People who use this drug likely develop a strong feeling of confidence, increased energy and experience hyperactiveness that can last from six to eight hours or up to twenty four hours. However, its side effects are likely detrimental to people’s health as it primarily decrease their appetite and damage their various bodily systems. It generally brought pleasure to users at the beginning but when they get addicted to it, it can destroy their lives.

Health Impact

People who are addicted to Crystal meth likely have higher risk in HIV infection by uninhibited or unprotected sex while they are under the influence of the drug. According to surveys, using crystal meth is one of the reasons of new AIDS cases in the States.

Smoking this form of drug or any kind of drug is known to increase user’s body temperature. It can also increase the risk of people in having rapid cardiac as well as increased respiratory rates brought by the increase in blood pressure. Crystal meth can also lead to various undesirable effects to users including hallucination, bizarre, aggressiveness, paranoia and other psychotic behavior.

The dependence of users in this form of drug can lead to more health risks. Overuse of this drug can bring paranoia, wild rages, mood swings and short term memory to users. It can also bring damage to their immune system making them more prone to diseases. Many people who use this drug likely develop psychological dependence to this drug which in turn can be very damaging top their health.

Overdosing on Meth

People who become overdose by this crystal drug also likely suffered severe convulsions that is often followed by respiratory and circulatory collapse leading to coma or worse, death. There are also some people who have been reported to die after taking small doses of Crystal meth. This drug generally causes unsound body and mind. It can lead to extreme addiction which in turn affects the body through damaging the users’ tissues and blood cells.

Crystal meth also dramatically destroys communities through people’s chronic inattention, neglects of studies and work, withdrawal from family, loss of friends, violence towards family and friends, impairment in thinking and memory as well as detachment from the surrounding. The manufacturing of this drug also brought hazardous waste materials that when disposed improperly can lead to damage of ecosystem and destruction of wildlife.

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