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Countries with the Highest Suicide Rates | interventionstrategies.com

Countries with the Highest Suicide Rates

Countries with Highest Suicide Rate

Global Suicide Facts

Suicide is considered one of the main causes of death from different parts of the world. The most recent mean worldwide yearly rates of self-murder for every 100,000 are .9 for males and .5 for females amongst 5 to 14 years old, 14.2 for men and 12.0 for women amongst 15 to 24 years of age. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of fatality among kids 5 to 14 years of age and the 3rd leading cause of loss amongst people aged 15 to 24. In many countries, men outnumber women in youth self-murder statistics.

By far, there are more self murder attempts and signs than actual accomplished self murder. One epidemiology research calculated that there are 23 suicides attempts and signs for each completed suicide. Even female teenagers are more possible to attempt suicide compared to males. Male teenagers are more possible to really kill themselves. The rate of suicide among teenagers has augmented by over 300% in the last 30 years.

What the Statistics Say

Statistics also shows that there are 1 million suicides each year all over the world or 1 suicide incident in 40 seconds. Greenland is considered as the suicide capital of the world. However, it simply has 56, 370 populace, so the 62 occurrences of suicide every year put this country on the top. South Korea has the second largest number of suicidal occurrences with 37.1 percent, next is Lithuania that happens to be the suicide capital of Europe with 31.6 percent. Fourth is Guyana with 26.4, followed by Kazakhstan with 25.9, next is Belarus and on the 7th place is China with 22.3 percent, followed by Slovenia and Hungary and Japan in number 10 with 16 suicides for each 100, 000 citizen. United States is in number 33 with 12 percent.

China records for virtually 1/3 of all self murder and considered as one of the only regions wherein females have a higher number of suicides than male. In year 2010, there are 38, 364 reported suicide occurrences in the United States. It is the number 10 leading reason of death with one suicide attempt in every 13 minutes.

Prevention Programs

School based self murder prevention plan includes curricula factors to educate students regarding these warning signs and what is the best thing to do and non curricula factors like hotlines, peer groups, parent training and intervention services. Prevention takes account of learning efforts to let learners be aware of who is presently in despair. Post prevention happens after a self-murder in the society. It attempts to assist those affected in the current suicide. In all conditions, it is a better idea to have a lucid program in place ahead of time. It must involve employee members as well as administration. There must be clear lines of connection and protocols. Careful planning could make intervention more organized and efficient.

Suicide attempts and accomplished suicides among teenagers are issues of improving significance. Parents, school employees and health experts must be sensitized regarding the risk factors as well as warning signs of self murder and concerning the means to deal with self murder adolescents.

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