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The Cost of Heroin Addiction | interventionstrategies.com

The Cost of Heroin Addiction

Yearly Cost of Addiction

Any kind of addiction has its own equivalent cost. In the aspect of addiction cost, it is present in two types. It can either be hidden or apparent. Whatever the case is, either of this is present in all types of addiction, whether that is on food or any destructive substance.

Types of Addiction

When talking about addiction, there is only one thing that always comes in people’s mind. That is addiction to drugs. However, that is not the only type of addiction that a person can become addicted with, and that includes getting addicted to food. On both cases, there is always an involved cost. One would think that the most costly is the addiction to destructive substances. The truth is food addiction has that title. Why? Just think about the cost of food. In comparison, get that cost alongside the cost of any substances. You will see that foods are the ones least costly compared to substances. With that, one will end up with the decision of choosing foods instead of buying any substances. That is because of the fact that by just spending a small among of money, a person can already feel satisfaction to it compared with substances that involves a big amount of money that can only give satisfaction for short time.

A Cost Comparison

Using that same concept, the worst food also has the least of cost. Thus, it makes food addiction as dangerous as drug addiction. To make the cost of food addiction more clearly and to prove the its dangerous side, the following information to be mentioned will be the comparison of both costs of substance and food addiction.

There was a conducted report about the cost being incurred yearly in indulging on substance addiction and food addiction. It was stated that in a year, there is a total cost of $630 being spent on alcohol. As the different substances being consumed are presented, the annual cost also increases. That is what the report has shown. Also, based on the report, marijuana usage cost reaches up to $970 per year.

On the report presented, the annual cost on marijuana consumption was followed by the cost being spent on tobacco every year. The total cost totaled the $1,095. Then, considering the cost of food addiction, it was stated that every year, a cost of $1,770 is accumulated every year. That is the case, especially in indulging oneself in eating junk foods and those from fast food.

Then, there is the annual cost being spent on methamphetamine which totaled to $4,180. As for cocaine, the usage of this substance is equivalent to an expenditure of $8,930 per year. Lastly from the substance addiction cost is heroin. The substance got the highest cost on all substance addictions, which is presented in the figures $10,030 annually.

Between the provided information, it can be concluded that food addiction is already leveled in substance addiction. The mere fact that foods is less expensive, meaning more individuals can choose to indulge in it to the point of addiction, already makes it a dangerous one.

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