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College Student Drug Abuse Statistics | interventionstrategies.com

College Student Drug Abuse Statistics

Student Health Risks

Threats of Drug and Alcohol Abuse to Student Health

College students are the ones who have higher risk of suffering from serious student health problems when they end up abusing the use of drugs and alcohol whether it is prescribed or just purchased it illegally. The seriousness of the issue is getting worst since there are more college students who abuse drugs and binge drink and there is also a growing number of people are getting dependent to such substances as soon as they start in their college years.

Over 11% of young people whose ages range from 12 to 25 are saying that they are using prescribed drugs without even suffering from any medical reasons. One of the drugs that they may take is Adderall, which is prescribed to people with ADHD. Whenever a person takes Adderal, they can be dependent on the use of the drug easily and end up being addicted to it. Most college students who abuse using this drug have ages ranging from 18 to 22.

Common Side Effects

The student health is at risk to various side effects whenever they take drugs such Adderall. Some of the side effects that they may experience are as follows:

• Headaches, depression and insomnia
• Dry mouth
• Mood swings
• Loss of appetite
• Lower blood pressure

Common Substance Abuse

These are just the side effects of drug abuse. There are more side effects that may threaten student health when they take excessive amounts of alcohol, energy drinks, oxycontin, cold medicine and marijuana.

For college students taking too much alcohol, they end up getting various academic consequences and increase the number of students dying from injuries obtained from being drunk. Energy drinks mixed with alcohol is another reason why student health is always at risk. Mixing it with alcohol only increases the consequence that students may get involved with more accidents or injuries caused by consuming too much of the drink.

Cold Medicines
One of the most popular affordable over-the-counter drugs that are being used by most college students are cold medicines. Not only college students are affected by it but also high school students who would see older kids trying it. Statistics show that over 3 million people aging from 12 to 25 who are using cold or cough medicine get high easily. Among this 3 million people, only 12, 000 are getting treated from having an overdose of the medicine.

There are many side effects that affect a student health and some of these are blurry vision, dizziness, brain damage and worst, death. Oxycontin is another drug that is used by many college students due to their perception that is safer to be taken than illegal drugs. There were people who have used the drug in excess, which caused brain damage, impair judgment, get involved with accidents and has been the cause for over 38,000 deaths in 2010.

Second in line, in the most used substances of college students after alcohol, is marijuana. Due to its affordability and ease of use, many college students use this because of the pleasant sensations that they can feel after they smoke and the relief they feel from stress. There are many reported side effects that is noted with the use of the plant, which risks the student health.

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