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Celebrities in Recovery Then and Now | interventionstrategies.com

Celebrities in Recovery Then and Now

Drug Reformed Celebrities

Celebrities with Addiction Success Stories

Whether you’re just an ordinary person or a celebrity, alcoholism and drug abuse can really affect you. In the past, there are a lot of people and famous celebrities who have abused alcohol and drugs. There are a lot of famous people who got into trouble, overdosed and even got arrested. However, there are also great celebrities who really have struggled with addiction, recovered and made it through. They have struggled but in the end, they have really been successful.

Not all stories of those celebrities with addictive issues are distressing. There are also success stories which have been greatly important especially to those are still undergoing rehabilitation treatments. These stories are also really important to show valuable examples to people of overcoming addictions.

Whoopi Goldberg – American Actress
Goldberg was heavily into drugs but she was able to overcome such challenge in her life. She has also been addicted to heroin. She is now the Oscar and Golden Globe winner, an competent TV talk show host and a co-founder of Comic Relief.

Drew Barrymore – American Actress
Barrymore has started drinking and smoking when she was 9, has been into drugs by the age of 12 has been rehab at the age of 13. Now, she is one of the best actresses in the industry, a Golden Globe winning producer and director.

Robert Downey Jr. – American Actor
He suffered from cocaine, alcohol and heroin addiction and has been imprisoned for many years for drug possession and drug use and other probation violations. Now, Robert is also a Golden Globe winner and Oscar-nominated actor.

Kristen Johnston – American Johnston
Johnston has been addicted to alcohol and drugs for years that even led to a near-fatal ulcer perforation. Now, she is a prominent actress and is also a great author of addiction memoir Guts.

Nicole Richie – television Personality
Richie has been a cocaine and marijuana user by the age of 14 and was injecting heroin at the age of 19. She is now a well-known fashion designer, Fashion Star celebrity mentor and actress.

Russell Brand – English Comedian
He is now a famous television and radio host, great actor and has been a subject of documentary in From Addiction to Recovery because of his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.

Elton John – English Rock Singer, Songwriter
Throughout the 1980’s, John actually used alcohol and cocaine but he was able to overcome such addictions that led him to his career today. John is now an Oscar and Grammy winner, a competent singer and composer and he is the founder of John AIDS Foundation.

Martin Sheen – American Actor
Sheen was a heavy alcohol user and had a heart attack at the age of 36. Now, he is actually a multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winner.

Jamie Lee Curtis – American Actress
Curtis has been addicted to alcohol and painkillers. But now, she is one of the most prominent and award-winning actress in America. She is a two-time Golden Globe winner and is a prominent author.

These individuals are just a few of those who are able to overcome addiction and they examples can serve as inspiration to people are still struggling about various addictions.

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