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Alcoholism Genetic Predisposition

The Genetics of Alcoholism

Alcohol dependence of alcoholism is a disease that involves four different symptoms such as craving, or having the string urge to drink, loss of control, physical dependence and tolerance or the need to drink even greater alcohol amounts just to get “high”. Alcoholism is one of the most problems being faced today by a lot of people from the different parts of the world.

The Link Between Family and Alcoholism

There are various studies made that link between the family and alcoholism.

Personality and physical traits are actually passed down from one generation to another and even some health issues such as alcoholism can really be inherited. Being alcoholic runs in your family and if your family members are alcoholic, your risk of developing such diseases can be greater than you can actually think. Just the same as some diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, being alcohol dependent can also run in the family, so you’re really at a higher risk.

Alcoholism Statistics

According to statistics, there are seventy-six million American adults who have alcoholism in their family and one in every four children who live with an alcoholic parent can also suffer from this kind of disease. There are also 26.8 million of alcoholic Americans who are children of alcoholics. Also, various studies done on children with alcoholic parents are four times more likely to suffer from alcoholism than those who do not have any parental alcoholism history.

Those first-degree relatives of dependent to alcohol have two to four times greater risk of having this diseases and 45 percent of second or third-degree relatives of dependent to alcohol also have an increased risk of being an alcoholic.

It is of note that genes aren’t the only things that can be inherited by children from their parents. The way parents treat each other as well as their children has a great influence on those children who are growing up within the family.

Also, there are various risk factors involved for alcoholism within the family that can greatly affect an individual. The mental health an alcoholic parent, genetic factors, and if both the parents are alcohol dependent can really create great impact on how an individual respond to this disease. Apart from that, children who experience violence in the family have higher risk of suffering from this disease. Aside from the genetic risks, living with a family with a poor family communication and poor role modeling can increases the risk for alcoholism.

Such studies and statistics really support that fact that there is a very strong hereditary influence when it comes to alcoholism development in an individual. However, it is important to note that there are also some other things and external factors that greatly influence the development of this diseases such as the environment. If you are living in a supportive environment where you are being protected against alcohol addiction, you can always prevent from suffering from this disease.

There is really a strong link between alcoholism and your family that is why it is important to be very careful in everything you do and practices you perform in your own family.

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