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Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace

Alcohol Consumption Rate Trends

Statistics reveals that fifteen perfect of American workers are occasionally working under the influence of alcohol. It is true that alcohol can create a damaging effect on an organization or workplace. However, according to studies, there are still 8.8 percent of full-time workers who are alcohol heavy users. In fact, in a particular survey, there are twenty-four percent of workers who have been reported to drink in their workplace in the previous years. In another survey conducted, there are twenty percent of managers in upper levels who have been reported to drink at work in the previous month.

Harmful alcohol drinking has actually been shown to create significant economic and social costs to the workplace, mainly due to the loss of productivity. Also, the effects of poor work performance, injuries and accidents in the workplace, absenteeism and alcohol-related disabilities have been estimated to cost various employers billions of dollars every year. The effects of alcohol drinking in the workplace are tremendously alarming, but there are still many people, even those managers who have been doing such practices.

Different Workplaces with Problem Drinkers

In the US, an average of 91 out of 1000 employees are problem drinkers. The construction and mining industry is the top industry with a number of 135 employees who are problem drinkers followed by the Wholesale Industries with 115 employees. The Retail industry is the third industry with 114 employees. It is then followed by the Leisure and Hospitality industry with 109 problem drinker employees. Both the Business and Repair Services industry and Agriculture industry have 106 employees who are problem drinkers. The industry of Transportation and Utilities in the US also has 96 problem drinker employees followed by the Manufacturing industry with 90 employees. In the government organizations and agencies, there are only 69 employees with drinking problems and the Professional industry has the least number of 55 employees who are problem drinkers.

Some people believe that alcohol drinking becomes a problem when people or employees are drinking at work. However, it is important to remember that there are various issues in the workplace that happen because of alcohol drinking. In fact, most problems within an organization that are performance-related have been linked to alcohol drinking. Drinking alcohol just before work show several problems such as:

• Tardiness of sleeping on the job.
• Poor decision making.
• Loss of productivity and efficiency.
• Poor work performance.

If you have been dependent to alcohol, you will experience burnout or a feeling of exhaustion that will result to less work productivity. This can greatly affect your performance in the office. In order to resolve this problem, workplace policies and regulations related to alcohol abuse on workplace is really important both for the employees and the employer. The effect of alcohol in the workplace can greatly affect not only the employee but also the organization as a whole. Through setting a clear alcohol policy and providing various programs especially to those with drinking problems, organizations and businesses can now create a healthier, more productive and safer workplace.

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