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Alcohol Abuse Statistics by Country | interventionstrategies.com

Alcohol Abuse Statistics by Country

Highest Alcohol Addiction Rate Worldwide

A large percentage of the world’s population suffers from extreme alcohol addiction, while there are also some people who suffer from alcohol abuse. In some countries, the alcohol addiction rate is surprisingly high, and this a very important factor to consider not as an individual but as a whole country as well. Below are the top ten countries with the highest rates of alcohol addiction.

1. Moldova: Moldova has the highest rate of alcohol addiction. The country has 3.559 million people as of 2011 and according to the statistic, 18.22 percent of this is actually addicted to alcohol. 4.67 percent are addicted to wine, 4.57 percent are beer addicts, and 4.42 percent go to spirits addiction.

2. Czech Republic: This country gains the second spot of having the highest rate of alcohol addiction. Out of 10,513,209 people, 16.45% are alcohol addicted. 3.59% are spirits addicted, 8.51% are beer addicted, and the remaining 2.33% are wine addicted.

3. Hungary: This country steals the third spot. It has 9,942,000 people of which 16.27% are addicted to alcohol. An estimated 4.94% are addicted to wine, 4.42% are addicted to beer, and 3.02% are addicted to Spirits.

4. Russia: Russia is the fourth placer. The country has 143,400,000 people and 15.76% of those are alcohol addicted. Out of which, 6.88% are Spirits addicted, 3.65% are beer addicted, 0.10% is wine addicts, and 0.34% is addicted to other types of alcohol.

5. Ukraine: A country that steals the number five spot is Ukraine, which actually has 44,854,065 people. 15.60% of the entire population is addicted to alcohol. Of which, 2.69% are beer addiction, 0.58% is wine addiction, 5.21% is Spirits addiction, and the 0.02% is addicted to other alcohol substances.

6. Estonia: A country of 1,286,540 is number six among the top countries with the highest alcohol addictions rates. 15.57% of the population is actually alcohol addicted. 5.53% comprises of beer addicts, 9.19% comprises of Spirits addicts, 1.09% of people are addicted to wine, and the 0.43% is addicts of other alcohols.

7. Andorra: Being a small country of only 85,082 people steals the number 7 spot. Out of the entire population, 15.49% are alcohol addicted. Wine addiction has 5.69%, beer addiction of 3.93%, Spirits addiction comprises of 3.14% of the entire alcohol addicts in the country.

8. Romania: Third to the last spot, Romania sits at number 8 out of the 10 countries with high alcohol addiction rates. The country is home with 19,043,767 people and 15.30 % of this is actually addicted to alcohol. Out of the 15.30% – 4.14% is Spirits addicted, 4.07% is beer addicted, and 2.33% is wine addicted.

9. Slovenia: Number 9 out of 10 countries, this country scores second to the last country. Slovenia has a population of 2,055,496 out of this the 15.19% are addicted to alcohol. Statistic shows that 4.19% of it is beer addicts, 1.33% are Spirits addicts, and the remaining 5.10% are wine addicts.

10. Belarus: Belarus is the last country on the list, with 9,457,500 people. 15.13% of the country’s population is alcohol addicted. Of which,4.08% are addicted to Spirits, 1.84% is addicted to beer, 0.80% is addicted to wine, and 2.67% are addicted to other alcohol substances.

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