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Adderall Abuse and Addiction Statistics | interventionstrategies.com

Adderall Abuse and Addiction Statistics

Adderall Abuse Facts and Statistics

Adderall is previously known as a treatment for the with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is a treatment that really helps a child in order to lessen their suffering from this condition hence it is considered to be one of the most beneficial substance that serves as a condition reliever. But with the continuous usage of it by the people especially by the college students it is now already considered to be one of the abusive drugs that people needs to be aware of.

Understanding Adderall Abuse

Adderall abuse appears to be one of the huge problems all over the world since there are lots of colleges students are seen to be involved in taking this type of drugs. It is estimated that 20% up to 30% of college students are exposed to this Adderall abuse that authorities really needs to take greater attention. Only 15% of college students are known to be admitted to using this Adderall drugs. 7% of college students have told that they just use this Adderall drugs just to increase their attention span while they are in the school as well as improve their grades and performance.

Statistics and Trends

There are also 89.5% of the college student who are already been exposed to this type of drugs have learned to drink Binge. They are able to learn how they are they are going to deal with their friends at the same time taking this Adderall drug and drinking binge. 79.9% of college students tend to use Adderall at the same time using another type of dangerous drug which is the marijuana. Just by clearly understanding all the data people can actually figure out how Adderall became one of the common drugs that are usually used by college students.

Negative Effects

Just like any other drugs, Adderall also brought bad effects to the body of a person who are continuously using it. Some are considered to be just mild problems but most of them are considered to be severe and dangerous to the health. People will eventually experience insomnia as well as hallucinations. They will also have shortness of breathing as well their heart beat would be different from a normal heart beat that a person has. They will also suffer from headaches at the same time numbness in some areas of the body. They will be ill and became malnourished.

Seeking Treatment

But for people who are already been suffering from Adderall abuse need not to worry since there are lots of treatments that is intended for you to be able to alleviate yourself from this type of abuse. Medical treatment is just one way of treating this Adderall abuse. You may also attend counseling services as well as seminars that will let you learn how you are going to deal with your problems and to remove the fact that Adderall would be the answer to all of these. You need to undergo nutritional therapy to be able to let you learn how you are going to eat a health food that will let you recover for this abuse. Support of the family will also be a great help in order for them to easily cope with Adderall abuse. It’s not too late for people who had already been exposed to Adderall abuse since there are appropriate treatments for it.

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