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9 Best Types of Treatment for Drug Addiction

Addiction Facts and Statistics

Addiction: Its Antidotes and Treatments

In United States, drug addiction has become a serious disease already affecting countless individuals. Some of them have even lost their lives due to the addiction. It is for this reason that a lot of treatments are presented as an attempt to control the spread and worsening of the disease to mankind. The question now is what these treatments are and how it can help the affected people?

According to study, out of 10 persons, there is one who is always consuming alcohol and drugs, which starts from the age of 12. Then, the total amount being spend annually from this substance abuse reaches up to $600 billion.

The treatments being used in for drug addiction is dependent on the type of drugs being consume. Knowing that information must also be done along with understanding what the drugs are. It entails knowing what its effects are. As an example, the negative effects of consuming alcohol involve drowsiness, loss of coordination, slurred speech, nausea and impaired memory. There are 18, 658,000 individuals who are addicted with this substance.

Drug Addiction Treatments

Inpatient Rehab with Detox – This is the treatment that works best with user having daily and life-threatening addictions who are not living in a specific conditions where treatments does not come useful. The user will be requested to stay for 28 to 30 days with them being clinically detoxified by attending therapy sessions and staying in a sober place.

Outpatient Rehab – It is best for users who have families encouraging and helping them to attain sobriety. The treatment entails the user to report to meetings along with therapy sessions that are conducted outside the hospital. It lasts for 28 to 30 days.

Psychotherapy – It works best to users who experienced traumas in the past which led to the addiction. The patient is required to attend a talk therapy so that traumatic memories and experiences will be uncovered.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – It works best for users who experienced relapsed either before or in a continuous manner. The treatment entails exposing the patient to the substance they became addicted with. That way they will be able to build their confidence in the same manner that they will learn to refuse indulging in it.

Hypnosis – It is best for users who believe that their addiction is mostly psychological and can be treated with the presence of their willpower not with the use of medicine. The patient will be hypnotized along with being convinced that there is no need for them to use the substance. It often comes with methadone therapy.

Nutrition Therapy – It is best for users who prefer the approach of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a replacement to the substance abuse. The patient is helped in focusing on their needed nutrition and balance to enable overcoming the addiction.

12 Step Programs – It is best for users who need continuous treatment while being rehabilitated as an outpatient. The patient is required to attend meetings regularly for several years while undergoing a changing process concerning lifestyle and drug abuse.

Holistic Therapy – It is best for users with trust in new remedies. In this, the patient can either be required to undergo equine therapies, take medicines, have massage, acupuncture and more depending on the holistic doctor.

People who are addicted to drugs still have plenty of means to become sober and overcome their addiction. They only have to choose the option they prefer with consideration to their situation.

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