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27 Statistics on Drug Abuse in High School | interventionstrategies.com

27 Statistics on Drug Abuse in High School

Teen Drug Abuse Facts

Drug Use Is Getting More Popular In Students

Most students today are having the interest in utilizing illegal drug. Actually, drugs can make your life miserable and can possible give you some serious illnesses when used improperly. It is a fact that illnesses that brought by drugs needs immediate and efficient medication. And when they didn’t give it the needs treatment, their life might be getting in a risky situation. This is the kind of situation that a lot of people want to avoid. But, for the students today, they are aware in the disadvantage that they may get in utilizing drugs. They also think that it will give them satisfaction and happiness.

The national Institute on Drug Abuse or NIDA supports a study on the trends of drugs in the school. This data had been released in 2010. It contains statistics on grade 8, 10, and 12. Out of 32 students in a classroom, there are 8 students who are making use of drugs for about 30 days. There are 12 students make use of drugs in the past few years. And 15 of them have tried it once. In this statistic, you will see that all students have been use drugs once or plenty of times. In this case, students are very popular about drugs and on how to use it.

Since 1981, most students in grade 12 are utilizing more marijuana than cigarettes. There are 21.4 percent students who are making use of marijuana and 19. 2 percent of them are utilizing cigarettes. Out of 16 seniors, there is one senior who utilizing cigarette every day. Cigarettes can really destroy the lungs. That’s why individuals should avoid utilizing cigarette because aside from lung failure they might get some serious illnesses from it. Aside from marijuana, students from 12th grade are also utilizing some prescription drugs in an abuse way.

Percentage of Drug Abuse

Below is the percentage of the prescription drugs that abuse by these students.

• Adderall- 6.5 percent
• Vicodin – 8 percent
• Tranquilizers – 5.6 percent
• Cold medicines – 6.6 percent
• Ritalin – 2.7 percent
• OxyCotin – 5.1 percent
• Barbiturates or Sedatives – 4.8 percent
• Quaaludes or Methaqualone – 0.3 percent
• Provigil – 1.3 percent

Percentage of Illicit Drug Use

Below is the percentage of illicit and street drug use abused by students.

• Heroin – 0.9 percent
• Crack – 1.4 percent
• Non-crack cocaine – 2.6 percent
• Methamphetamine – 1 percent


Due to this percentage or statistics, you will see that most students are choosing to use prescription drugs rather than the street drugs. There are also some facts below that will surely add in the knowledge of a lot of people primarily teenagers.

• Base on the survey in 2010, ecstasy is one of the most popular illicit drugs that utilize by the students who are in the 10th and 8th grade.

• Inhalant – it utilizes in significant purposes. Inhalants are nail polish, glue, solvents, gasoline, propellants, and butane. Most of the students who are in the 8th grade are utilizing this inhalant.

• Steroids – there are 2.5 percent of high school seniors primarily males are always utilizing steroids. Study shows that they can possible get some health problems from steroids.

With this information, many people will see that students who are in grade school and high school are utilizing illicit and prescription drugs. At a younger age, parents should always have a bonding time to their children so that they will have the assurance that they don’t make use of these drugs.

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