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25 Sad Teenage Drug Abuse Statistics | interventionstrategies.com

25 Sad Teenage Drug Abuse Statistics

Guide to Addictive Substances

Drug Addiction & Statistics

Half of the Americans that are aging twelve and up are consuming alcohol. More so, almost twenty-five percent of the Americans are on binge drinking.

Apart from it, almost thirty million people are abusing or using prescription medications and even recreational drugs. This is not a good thing to know because it mainly affects the overall aspects of the people.

Popular Drugs Abused

On the other hand, there are different types of drugs that are being used by a lot of people. One of these drugs is called as depressants. Drugs in line with depressants are known to lower the functions of the central nervous system. Some of these depressants that can be purchased in most drugstores and pharmacies are Xanax, Valium and GHB.

Antidepressants are also prescribed by most physicians as medications. They can normally treat mood disorders and depression. The most common antidepressants are prozlac, paxil and tricycles. They are purchased because as some people are often depressed and are interested to stabilize their condition.

One of the most common depressants is alcohol. This acts as a depressant wherein people often enjoy the experience associated with it. In effect, a lot of people are dependent on alcohol. Others usually enjoy the habit of drinking alcohol that they cannot anymore control it.

Apart from alcohol, tobacco use is very common among people. They make use of cigars and cigarettes that actually contain nicotine. They further stimulate the brain that also affects the moods of the people. They are highly addictive that many people are even considered as chain smokers.

Steroids are also drugs that people are dependent upon. They are mainly used with the many various medicines to further reduce the inflammation of the body. As with the news, steroids are often used by elite people, even the actors and sports athletes.

Barbiturates are also a type of drugs that are used in anesthetic and sedative procedures. They are used to mainly calm the brain. However, an increase in tolerance often required large amount of doses which also lead to drug abuse.

Drugs also have their different classifications. They are mainly classified as narcotics, hallucinogens, anabolic steroids, inhalants, stimulants and cannabis. Narcotics are often coined from the term “Opioids”, from the root word “Opiates”. Heroine and morphine fall under narcotics.

Hallucinogens also produce hallucinations that involve the overall senses. The main types of hallucinogens are peyote, PCP and LCD. Inhalants are also drugs that must be inhaled. Solvent or gas is an example of inhalants. Gasoline and nail polish are also the common inhalant products.

Stimulants are mainly responsible in an increased activity and alertness of the brain. Cocaine and amphetamines are the stimulants often used by the people.

Additional Facts

As per the general facts, it was by far estimated that twenty-two point five million of Americans that are aging twelve years old and above are substance abusers or substance dependents.

In fact, Maryland has individuals that are heroin dependents. Almost seven-hundred fifty thousand people are heroin users in America. Also, two point five percent of the people that live in the U.S are using cocaine all their lives. One point five million people are also on a cocaine intake on a day-to-day basis.

Thus, there is a need to address the issues pertaining on drug addiction. It is a must for the government and the people to unite as one to effectively solve the problems that affect the individuals and the society, as a whole!

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