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23 Sobering Alcoholics Anonymous Statistics | interventionstrategies.com

23 Sobering Alcoholics Anonymous Statistics

Alcoholics Anonymous Facts

Since its foundation in the year 1930, AA or Alcoholic Anonymous has actually become synonymous to recovery. Through the years, their twelve step process is being applied to a wide array of issues from overeating (Over eaters Anonymous), excessive gaming (online gamers anonymous) to Drug problems (Narcotics Anonymous).

Demographics of Alcoholics Anonymous

With Alcoholics Anonymous, you will be able to connect to hope and connect to the 113,000 groups of which 33% is female and 67% is male. Members are of different cultures and background. In a statistical data, 85.1 percent of the members are white, 5.7 percent are black, 4.8 percent are Hispanic, 1.6 percent is Native American, and the remaining 2.8 percent comprises of Asians and other races.

In addition to that, members of AA are also categorized according to their marital status. 35 percent of the members are married, 34 percent are single, 23 percent are divorced, and the remaining 8 percent are categorized as others. Members are of different age groups as well. The 2.3% are members under 21 years of age, 11.3% are members aging 21-30; the other 16.5% are those aging 31-40. Members aging 41-50 are the highest numbers of members for 18.5%, 61-70 members comprise the 12.3%, and over 70 members comprise the remaining 5.3%.

Its Development and Founder

Alcoholics Anonymous was developed and founded by Dr. Bob Smith and Bill Wilson, both were alcoholics who actually found abstinence through spirituality. AA became renowned through ‘word of mouth’ and up until now it is still becoming more and more popular – encouraging lots and lots of people to be a member and see the difference.

In Alcoholics Anonymous, there’s only one simple requirement and this is to attend any meeting. In fact, 2.4 is the average number of the meetings that members need to attend every week. You don’t need to sign any contract, pay any money, or talk if you do not want to. You will just have to go, listen, and learn. Anonymity is indeed a tradition aimed to offer effective twelve steps. And no matter what background potential members come from, they are all welcome in the AA. The AA’s 12 step process can be categorized into 3 broad groups; each has its own purpose.

Key Factors to Alcoholics Anonymous

There are actually different factors that are responsible for the members to come to Alcoholics Anonymous. These factors include: Through AA members, treatment facility, family, self motivated, counseling, court ordered, health professional, and other factors. These factors are what introduce the members to Alcoholic Anonymous.

There is, however, a misconception about AA. According to Alcoholics Anonymous, it’s not a ‘drinking cessation’ program. New members are basically expected to avoid or stop drinking alcohol on their free will. AA will then takes over and help the members to continue the sobriety. This is where AA excels at and this is what they intend to offer. Another essential function of Alcoholics Anonymous is to aid members to grow spiritually and emotionally, to gradually become a much better version of them. They promote sobriety by effectively sharing strength, hope, and experience with all alcoholics.

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