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18 Disturbing Opioid Addiction Statistics | interventionstrategies.com

18 Disturbing Opioid Addiction Statistics

Opioid Addiction Facts

Significant Information Regarding Opioid Dependence

Some people today are very curious about Opioid Dependency. Actually, this is very popular to a lot people around the world. It is a condition that is usually experienced by ethnic group, men, women, educational levels, and races. This only means that this can possibly suffer by all ages.

This is a chronic condition that also called as heroin addiction or prescription painkiller. In the United States, it has reached the outbreak percentage and shows numerous public health issues and medical outcomes. It is truly hard to see and experience this kind of situation primarily when you have no enough money in purchasing medicines and other medical treatment.

Due to the increasing numbers of people who are suffering from this chronic condition, Harris Interactive for Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceutical Incorporation conducted a national survey through online. They also show that doctor and adults in United States has numerous wrong beliefs regarding Opioid Dependency, the impact of this chronic condition and the treatments needs.

Actually, there are 87 percent of doctors and 68 percent of adults who are very aware that there are millions of Americans who suffer from opioid dependency. It is fact that Opioid dependency is one of the major public health problems by a lot of people. There are two million Americans affected by this condition and this can possibly appear when they are utilizing prescription drug in an improper way.

Their 76 percent of adults and 96 percent of doctors believe that overuse of painkillers can trigger a lot of health issues in the healthcare system of United States. There are also 97 percent of doctors and 93 percent of adults agreed that OP or opioid dependency is give great impact in the life of the people. Aside from that, 88 percent of doctors and 59 percent of adults believe that addiction is a kind of disease that suffers by a lot of teenagers today. It is also a fact that Opioid dependency is persistent medical disease which affects the brain that’s why American who is affected by it is having mental issues. In this case, this condition or disease needs to have an immediate medication.

Because OD is a new health issue, there are 67 percent of adults and 35 percent of doctors don’t know or do not have any idea about it. There are several surveys that conducted to adults and doctor about opioid dependency. There are 59 percent of adults and 25 percent of doctors stated that OD is a chronic health disease that affect that brain. Most adults stated that this mostly affect that brain than the other parts of the body. Study show that this health disease can be treated through having a continuous treatment and some alterations in their behavior. The kind of treatment that use in treating opioid dependency is manages by the most private health insurance companies.

With this information regarding OP or opioid dependency, many people will recognize that many people in America are affected by it. And because it is a curable disease, it still needs immediate and efficient medication to avoid it from getting into the severe stage.

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