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13 Staggering Alcohol Rehab Statistics | interventionstrategies.com

13 Staggering Alcohol Rehab Statistics

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

An Overview About Alcoholism and Alcohol Treatments

Alcohol addiction is one of the major problems emerging today, but individuals who are trapped within the stressing addiction scenario should not lose hope. Treatments to rectify alcohol addiction are now readily available. These tend to help individuals overcome the habit and save themselves from the serious and negative effects of this particular type of addiction. About 10% of adults are in need for treatments. But based on reports, about 12.6% of heavy alcohol drinkers seek treatments while 87.4% of them do not even consider seeking help or needed treatment.

There are several types of alcohol treatments offered these days, but rehabilitation programs are the ones frequently sought upon. Lots of rehabilitation centers are now in active operation and 94% of these facilities are offering 12-step rehabilitation based programs. It is just natural for individuals to ask if these rehabilitation treatments really work.


Based on a study, 86% of drinkers said yes and remain sober but only under particular conditions. First is when they will be able to complete treatment with ideal follow through and next is when they completely maintain regular attendance on AA meeting. However, half of the rate completes follow through and treatment with meetings. In a 90-day period, 80% relapse and about 20% stay sober.

The problem is that most of the AA groups discovered that one in every four newcomers will still participate in AA meetings after one month. The AA global services also discovered that about 95% of alcoholics tend to leave AA in one year. This simply means that only 5% decide to stay.

When speaking of alcoholism, individuals will often wonder if treatments are really revolving doors. Of all individuals entering rehabilitation centers, 64% of these individuals have already been to rehab while 36% have been entering the facility for first time treatments. Alcoholics who have the desire to eliminate alcohol addiction from their system should try even harder until they become better.

Many individuals who find ideal recovery have felt better after three to four visits on the rehab. Relapse can always be a problem however, you will noticed that after four years of stable and sustained recovery, the relapse risk drops below 15%. Rehabilitation programs are effective alcohol treatment for this claims successful and positive rate of recovery. Individuals are advised to apply for these programs and retained their attendance during meetings to ensure staying sober and clean.

With the right treatments, alcohol addicts are headed towards better realizations and treatments. The pull of alcohol addiction might also be powerful but with the most suitable approaches, strategies and treatments, this will surely be addressed completely. Alcoholism or alcohol addiction may strike individuals at one point of their lives but they are lucky enough that there are best possible treatments that they can count on.

If they have totally embrace alcohol treatments with determination and positivity, they will surely reap the amazing benefits. In the end, they will realize that with the help of the right alcohol treatments they have felt better and healthier.

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