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13 Places Where Teenage Kids Hide Drugs | interventionstrategies.com

13 Places Where Teenage Kids Hide Drugs

Most Common Hiding Spots for Drugs

Drugs are known to be commonly used by the people even if they are only at their young age. They are really capable of using this drugs since they are not been properly guided by their parents. There are also cases that even the kids nowadays knows how they are going to use drugs as well as how they are going to hide it. As early as ten years old children are already known to experimenting different types of drug; hence parents need to take higher attention to their child. Parents should keep their child from danger of drug abuse to let them live their life worthwhile.

Common Locations

There are certain places where kids hide certain type of drugs to be able for them to be free from the scold of their parents and one of which is the highlighters. Parents tend to see that their child is studying without even knowing that the drug is being hid in the highlighter. A highlighter is a marking pen which is usually used by children in writing. Another is make-up and hygiene kit of the children. Parents tend to look at them preparing and beautifying themselves hence they did not know that the drugs are in the make-up wherein the child is using.

Another is in the car. It is a safe place to hide drugs since there are lots of small areas where you can actually keep the drugs. People tend to place drugs in cars since no other one would enter the car without the owner’s permission. Teenagers nowadays are more advanced in the way they think hence they are also able to hide small amount of drugs in the pens they are using at school. Parents as well as the teachers cannot actually see that drugs are in the pen of the child. Even at home teenagers can also hide drugs to their parents. There are certain areas at home that are considered to be safe in hiding dugs and this is under the toilet tanks.

Candy wrappers can also be considered as a place where people can actually hide drugs. it is a place where parents and other people tends to determine that what their child is eating are candies without knowing that what’s inside of it is a drug. Belt buckles can also be a hiding place for drugs. Since it is being worn by kids parents cannot easily noticed that drugs is already there at the belt of their child. Another is behind the posters that are posted on the walls of the house. Since drugs are just small in quantity children mostly hide it in small areas where their parents are not often looking at.

There are cases that a child or teenager hides it on their sacks and sandals where their parents cannot actually see it. In game consoles as well children are commonly hiding their drugs as well as on their books at home. They are just putting it in the pages of the books for its safety. Cough medicine as well as teenagers daily route object are also common in hiding the drugs that are used by teenagers and children. Children are known to be advanced in the way they think hence parents need to make sure that they are properly guiding their children to a right way that is free from danger in drugs.

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