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12 Step Program for Alcoholics Anonymous | interventionstrategies.com

12 Step Program for Alcoholics Anonymous

Guide to 12 Steps of Recovery

12 Steps of Recovery

Ever since the year 1935, the emergence of the 12 steps recovery program has assisted to deal with the extensive range of dependency problems and substance abuse. There are more than 200 self-help organizations that apply this 12-step program so as to help people with recovery. So, if you wise to discover real recovery having a closer look at the authentic 12-step program should help you fight the success rate of addiction and addiction itself.

The 12 steps of recovery include the following:

1. Acceptance.
People who undergo the program take the first step of acceptance. They admitted that they were powerless over their addiction, that their lives had become unmanageable.

2. Hope.
The next step needed to achieve recovery is the creation of hope. They came to believe that the power greater than their selves can restore them to sanity.

3. Willingness.
This is another important step that will surely complement the whole program. Being willing to recover should help you create a decision that will help turn your will and your life over the care of God while you understood Him.

4. Personal Inventory.
Making a searching and brave moral inventory of you can also be another important step to achieving recovery.

5. Self Disclosure.
Self disclosure is another important step to tackle to attaining recovery. You, yourself must admit to the nature of your wrongs, same with admitting to God and to other people that you really have done something wrong.

6. Reflection.
Reflecting can help you feel completely ready for having the greater power getting rid of all defects affecting your recovery.

7. Humility.
You may humbly ask Him to spare you from your shortcomings.

8. Amends List.
You may create a list of all the people you have harmed. Contemplating about your willingness to make apology to all of them. This should help you achieve the ultimate peace of mind.

9. Made Amends.
Upon contemplating about making amends, consider making direct apology to those people in any place possible, excluding when you will do so you will harm them or other people involved.

10. Continued Inventory.
Personal inventory must not be done only once. You may continue taking personal inventory and if you think you are really wrong, admit it promptly.

11. Spiritual Growth.
Turning to spiritual help should help you recover even faster. You may seek through meditation and prayer in order to develop your conscious connection with God while you understood him. Pray only for the knowledge of His will for you and the power to carry it out.

12. Giving Back.
People who had become successful in addressing these 12 steps of recovery consider helping alcoholics deal with their issues. Having had the spiritual awakening being the outcome of those steps, they try to bring the message to alcoholics and to put those principles into practice in all their affairs.

The success rate of this 12-step recovery program is usually linked directly to how long the members have been stuck with such program, and extra counseling or medical treatment. It has been efficient to many, so everyone in need of it should try it out.

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