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101 Tips on Staying Sober | interventionstrategies.com

101 Tips on Staying Sober

Tips to Staying Clean and Sober

It is a fact that many people today are suffering from various illnesses due to their dirty surroundings. It is significant to keep the surroundings clean because it can give fresh and clean air to people. But, nowadays people don’t have awareness in their environment. That is why they easily suffer from a serious illness. The price of medication today is getting higher, giving more problems to people. Without money, people cannot live and seek for treatment.

There are helpful tips below that people can follow to keep their self sober and clean. These tips are made for them in order to live in a life that is free from stress and problems. It is truly hard to live in the world that has many problems. Following these steps will give them the assurance that they can live in the world without having problems regarding on their health.

1. Don’t undervalue the kind of disease that you suffer.

2. Always keep yourself healthy primarily in your spirituality. It is significant to have a connection to God primarily today.

3. Disregard the depressing decline rate. You should create your own plan that will bring you in the level of success.

4. Do not allow yourself to have a policy regarding relapse.

5. Over system of belief and thinking can weaken your temperance that’s why you should avoid fundamentalism.

6. When you are undertaking a life recovery, other people can really help through giving you a helpful advice. If you think that their advice is helpful it’s up to you if you will follow it or not.

7. Figure out the needed things to keep you in sober and use it immediately.

8. Do not to the things that usually do by addict in preaching.

9. Always talk to the people who are always around you and talk with them meaningfully.

10. Help alcoholics and addicts on how they can survive in their in their condition.

11. Perform meditation to conquer your ego.

12. Forgive yourself and the people who hurt you so that you can relief in the resentment.

13. Arrange the things inside your house.

14. Give yourself a time to have a long walk.

15. Adopt a pet. Be reminded that you can take care of them properly.

16. Cook and eat gourmet meal.

17. Make a project that can enhance your mental and physical skill.

18. Consult in a therapist if you have muscle pain.

19. Make and write a journal.

20. Perform regular workout and diet to keep your body sexy and healthy.

21. Have a family bonding with your family.

22. Give yourself challenging activities to enhance your mental and physical condition.

23. Make use of your talent which given by God. Use it in a positive and legal way to avoid problems.

These are some of the steps that can be used and followed by people to keep them clean and sober. These steps are made helpful to people. So try to follow it and see and impressive result that it can give.

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